Home Sweet Home

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Home Sweet Home
Tomb Raider II
Section England
Level No 18
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 5-10 minutes
  • First Time: 10-15 minutes
Secrets 0
Location Europe, England, Surrey
Level Chronology:
The Dragon's Lair Home Sweet Home The Cold War

Home Sweet Home is the final level in Tomb Raider II. It takes place in Lara's Home located in Surrey, England.

Lara wears a new outfit in this level and it is possible to trap the Mafioso Boss inside the fridge (like you do with Winston). If you succeed, you'll have the whole manor to explore at night.

Please note that the all weapons cheat code does not work in this level.


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After Lara has returned to England with the Dagger of Xian, she is attacked in her mansion by Bartoli's men.


Lara sits on her bed wearing her nightgown and looking at the Dagger of Xian in her hands. Examining the dagger is interrupted by a loud crash and noises of barking dobermanns. The camera shows a view of dobermanns, Fiamma Nera Killers and Fiamma Nera Brawlers emerging from black vans, which crashed through the gate of Lara's Home.

End Cutscene

After defeating the intruders, Lara goes to take a shower in her bathroom. Turning to the camera she asks "Don't you think you've seen enough?" and fires her shotgun at the camera, making the view drop to the floor.



Artefacts & Keys

A key that's already in the inventory as the level starts



Located in the Gun Cupboard


First Aid
A total of 27 boxes are located in the Gun Cupboard
More Gear
Two boxes are found in the Gun Cupboard and they might come in handy, as it's dark because it's late