Fiamma Nera Boss

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Fiamma Nera Boss
Enemy Type sub boss
Classification Human, Fiamma Nera
Weapons guns

The Fiamma Nera Boss is a sub boss encountered in the Opera House (Venice Section) and in Lara's Mansion in the level Home Sweet Home in Tomb Raider II. He carries two heavy guns which cause a lot of damage. The best weapon to use against him is the shotgun (you have no choice but to use it in Home Sweet Home as the Shotgun is the only weapon available). Using Uzis against him wastes too much ammo, but the Grenade Launcher can be helpful if you have it on you (if you collected all three secrets from The Great Wall level, then you have it). If Lara dies from the hand of the Fiamma Nera sub boss, he laughs in her defeat in the time between her death and the Game Over screen. From close range, it may take up to 7 or 8 shotgun bullets to kill him.


The Fiamma Nera Boss carries two shotgun like guns. Upon his defeat in Opera House, it is discovered he possesses Grenades (and a Grenade Launcher if you don't have it already). In Home Sweet Home he is seen alive and carrying the same weaponry as last time.


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