The Hive

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The Hive
Hive ub.jpg
Unfinished Business
Section Atlantis
Level No 4
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 50 minutes

Secrets 1
Location Atlantis
Level Chronology:
Atlantean Stronghold The Hive The Great Wall

The Hive is the forth and last level in Unfinished Business.


It incorporates the typical Atlantean architecture, which combines grey stone and flesh, as well as two large natural caverns - one filled with lava, the other with water. There are two large alien hatcheries near the end of the level.

The level is fairly linear, and most puzzles revolve around intense combat encounters with Atlantean mutants of all kinds, including a number of centaurs. To compensate for this there is, generally, plenty of Magnums and Uzi ammo throughout the level.

The Hive contains a unique puzzle in its very beginning - a room resembling a huge chess board (shown on the picture). Stepping on most squares releases a deadly rolling boulder.

One particularly deadly encounter is a room with 8 mutants, which would activate under specific conditions and attack Lara simultaneously if she tries to leave the room - chasing her down a long narrow corridor where she can't take cover. A smart player can move around the room and activate the mutants one by one by stepping on triggered floor tiles, thus avoiding a rather deadly confrontation.

At the end of the level, having destroyed all mutant incubators, Lara slides down what appears to be a waste chute and lands into a water pool, from where a tunnel allows her to escape The Hive and finish the game.


The sheer number of mutants in this level breaks the game engine's limits, and that is why not all of the mutants are spawned correctly - all of the incubators in the upper hatchery are empty and only half of the incubators in the lower hatchery spawn mutants. The total number of enemies that can be killed in the level is 41.