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Charles Darwin (12th of February 1809 – 19th April 1882) was an English researcher of natural history, who proposed the scietific theory of natural selection. He voyaged on the research vessel named HMS Beagle and his writings upon his journeys developed into the Theory of Evolution. [1]

Darwin's research vessel plays an important role in the story of Tomb Raider III. In the year 1834 four sailors named Stephen Barr, Paul Caulfield, Jonson, Smythe and Henderson have been sent on to an expedition by Darwin, and the men decide to go ashore on the Antarctica in the search for some meat.

However, the men stumble across the Meteorite Artefacts, and their visit in the Meteorite Cavern ends badly for Paul Caulfield as he is attacked by a wolf.

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The ship that Darwin voyaged on and which visited Antarctica according to the Tomb Raider III Story


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