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Wolves tr1.jpg
Enemy Type regular Enemy
Classification Animal
Distinctiveness These enemies can be harmed by any weapon.
Weapons Teeth

The Wolves are enemies Lara encounters in the original Tomb Raider, its remake Tomb Raider Anniversary, the Tomb Raider II add-on The Golden Mask and in the Gameboy adventure The Prophecy, as well as the 2013 Reboot.


Tomb Raider

Wolves in Tomb Raider appear throughout the Peru Section. Sometimes they can be avoided by shooting at them from elevations.

The Golden Mask

This same model of wolf appears in the Tomb Raider II expansion the Golden Mask.

The Prophecy

There are also wolves in the Game Boy adventure The Prophecy. These take 4 shots with normal pistols.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider: Anniversary

Wolves in Tomb Raider Anniversary appear throughout the Peru Section. Sometimes they can be avoided by shooting at them from elevations.The player can utilize Adrenaline Dodge and Headshot to get rid of wolves much quicker.

Tomb Raider (2013)

In Tomb Raider (2013) Wolves can be found in the Coastal Forest. They first appear after Lara has fallen asleep while talking to Sam and Matthias. Here she is caught in an rusty old jaw trap an can not move. She has to use the Bow defend herself from the three wolves emerging from the shrubbery. On shot well placed will kill them, though, and the place they will emerge from is indicated by rustling leaves.

Later on wolves will attack Lara in pairs while she goes looking for Salvage to strengthen her Axe in order to open the door Dr. Whitman investigates. At this point Lara only has her Bow with her so dodging the wolves attacks is important, as well as a steady hand while aiming. They are pretty resilient and need multiple hits by Arrows; they can be killed with a single arrow by a head shot, but as they are quickly pacing around this is not at all easy. If her arm gets caught in the wolf's yaw, the player has to master a Quick Time Event to get free and kill the wolf.

Later still, when Lara finds Conrad Roth she has to go looking for medical supplies that can be found in the wolves den. Here she will be attacked by a single wolf and the player has to master a Quick Time Event to get rid of it.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Wolves are alongside the Bears, Lynx, and Snow Leopards another kind of dangerous Animals in Siberia. They roam the wilderness and do not only attack Deer but also Lara and sometimes even the Trinity Soldiers patrolling here.

Early on in the Siberian Wilderness Lara finds a deer carcass that was presumably left by wolves and she can salvage its hide. Meanwhile a pack of wolves can be seen in the background. If she goes to investigate she will be killed by the pack as she at this point in the game does not have any weapons yet.

Wolves can be hunted for hide, but it is a rather dangerous business since they mostly come in packs of up to five and will attack without mercy. There is a white alpha wolf hidden somewhere in Siberia that only comes out at night and if killed and looted will provide Lara with Exotic Hide.

Missions Related to Wolves

In the Mission Dangerous Territory Lara has to clear out a wolf den to help some wounded Remnant survive the cold.


Similar Opponents

The lions and panthers encountered later throughout Lara's Scion adventure are very similar to the wolves. They are equally as tough and have a similar behaviour.

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