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The Prophecy
Release Date November 15th 2002
Platforms Gameboy Advance
Developer Core Design, Ubisoft, Ubisoft Milan[1]
Publisher Eidos Interactive, Ubisoft[2]
Game Chronology:
Curse of the Sword The Prophecy

The Prophecy is the first game for the Gameboy Advance, and the third game for the Gameboy in general.

Release Date: November 15th 2002

According to a prophecy, the earth will be in devastation at the beginning of the new millennium. Embark on an adventure where no game has gone before.

KEY FEATURES Spectacular Lara meets 3D Animation - Smooth'n slinky Lara flips and twists like an acrobat and leaps to dizzying heights.

Dynamic Targeting - Equipped with twin pistols, combat-ready Lara locks & shoots her way through challenging environments against a line-up of ferocious opponents.

Improved combat system (exclusive for GBA), featuring dynamic enemy targeting and locking.

Realistic graphics: the player will find himself immersed in huge realistic environments with graphics of exceptional quality on this console.


Level 0: PRLD
Level 1: GAZE
Level 2: MEDI
Level 3: HAXE
Level 4: PATH
Level 5: BONE
Level 6: TREE
Level 7: LINK

Level 8: KURZ
Level 9: HELL
Level 10: WEFX
Level 11: MEMO
Level 12: HEAR
Level 13: FITZ
Level 14: ELRC
Level 15: CLIK
Level 16: MGSL
Level 17: ROMA
Level 18: MONK
Level 19: AEON
Level 20: TIME
Level 21: OLIM
Level 22: LAND
Level 23: DART

Level 24: HILL
Level 25: CHEX
Level 26: STLK
Level 27: MECH
Level 28: ARKD
Level 29: MUSH
Level 30: SPOK
Level 31: LITH

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