The Osiris Codex

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The Osiris Codex
Release Date November 20th, 2003
Platforms mobile phones (java)
Levels 15
Developer Iomo
Publisher Eidos Interactive
Game Chronology:
The Osiris Codex Quest for Cinnabar

The Osiris Codex is the first game for Mobile Phones.


For the last week, the newspaper headlines have all been about the daring theft of the Leydon Papyrus, an early Egyptian work on chemical processes. Lara now receives an anonymous commission to retrieve a mysterious relic, the Osiris Codex, from a recently uncovered tomb. Surely there is a connection? The stolen manuscript is the earliest record of ancient Egyptian metallurgy, and Osiris (The Egyptian god of resurrection and eternal life) has always been inexorably linked with alchemy...

Run, jump, climb, shoot and think your way through a variety of levels, watching out for the traps, obstacles and enemies that will inevitably hinder your progress as you travel deeper underground in your search for the fabled treasures of Egypt. [1]

Items Codes

  • GN0000 (Pistols)

Description: These are the standard pistols that Lara always carries. They are not particularly powerful, but are better than nothing in a tight situation.

  • GN4700 (Medi Pack)

Description: This is a small medical pack that will restore a portion of your health. It is an immediate use item and cannot be kept for later use.

  • GN9500 (Medi Kit)

Description: This is a large medical pack that will restore your health completely. It is an immediate use item and cannot be kept for later use.

  • GN1372 (Uzi)

Description: This is a more powerful gun than the standard pistols that Lara always carries. They do twice as much damage as the pistols but have a limited amount of ammunition. More ammunition can be picked up during the game. When you pick up the Uzi it automatically replaces the pistols until the ammunition runs out.

Description: Dynamite can be used to destroy weak sections of walls in the levels. When you pick up dynamite, it is stored in your inventory until you find a place where you can use it. A floating '?' indicates that Lara can interact with the environment. There are several possible types of interaction, one of which is placing the dynamite.

Description: A jewel encrusted, golden sceptre. This has obviously been used in a ceremony at some point and then not returned to its original storage place.

Description: On closer examination, this golden object appears to be the eye of a statue, possibly a cat. The slight indentation around the edges of the fitting imply that it might act as some kind of switch when placed in its correct location. This is an item that will probably have a use in one of the later levels in the game.

Description: A classic Egyptian beetle created from solid gold. The beetle's legs have been designed to attach to something. This item will probably have a use in one of the later levels of the game.

Description: This fragment of parchment shows a glyph of a yew tree. This was believed to be the tree of life by the ancient Egyptians (although conversely, its poisonous leaves also endowed it with connotations of death). On the reverse Lara discovers these diagrammatic markings: . Interpreting the marking implies that "solving the puzzle of the moving platforms is reliant on moving the top platform first."