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Samantha Nishimura
Tr9 samantha nishimura 1.png
Born 1991
Nationality Portuguese/Japanese[1]
Education Cinematography studies at college[2]
Occupation Documentary Filmmaker
Game(s) Tomb Raider (2013)
Comic(s) Tomb Raider: The Beginning
Book(s) Tomb Raider: The Ten Thousand Immortals
Voice Arden Cho

Chieko Hidaka

Samantha Nishimura, or short Sam, is a character in the Reboot Tomb Raider (2013). She is one of the survivors of the Endurance's shipwreck and a close friend of Lara's.

Furthermore Samantha is a playable character in the Multiplayer Mode.

Samantha loves oranges. [3]


Early Life

Due to her parents' status, Samantha moved often as a child, even from one continent to another. This resulted in Samantha often being the outsider at school. She gained attention by being a bit of a wild child.[4]

Time at College

Lara and Sam's Graduation Photo

Samantha went to college together with Lara[5] and she studied cinematography there.[6] However, her passion for film-making wasn't regarded as a positive thing at college, as the academics there dismissed it as nonsense.[7]

Samantha has gained lots of filming experience at different locations: in the Arctic, the Congo and the Red Desert.[8]

Early Adventures with Lara

Samantha and Lara have been on adventures together before their expedition to Yamatai. They've been on a backpacking trip in Bulgaria and a hiking trip on the south face of Kilimanjaro. On their adventures Lara has been more interested in exploring ruins and Samantha on the other hand has been more interested in visiting the local clubs and running into cute guys.[9]

Yamatai Expedition (2013)

Samantha sparked up Lara's interest in Himiko years ago before the actual expedition to Yamatai by telling her the story of the Sun Queen that was told to Samantha by her grandmother, like the story was a memory.[10]

Before being part of Endurance's crew, Samantha is topping up her tan on board of the Endurance as Whitman arrives to interview his new crew for his documentary.[11]

Samantha eventually got on board of the Endurance when the funding for the expedition to Yamatai was cut off from the network, and Whitman wanted to do the documentary by using his own money. Whitman's funds weren't enough, so Lara suggests that Samantha would ask her uncle to help financing the expedition. Samantha's uncle agreed to do so, but under two conditions: he'll get 60% of the sale price of anything that'll be brought back from the expedition and that Samantha will be the new camera person.[12]

Right away after getting on board Samantha starts to film the crew as they prepare to set out to Yamatai.[13] Finally setting out to sea, towards Yamatai, and possibly walking in the footsteps of her ancestors. is an unbelievable feeling for Samantha.[14] Samantha wants to make sure that Lara gets the credit she deserves for the expedition; this is the reason why Samantha has secretly been shooting footage of her, too, during the expedition.[15]

However, Samantha wasn't all happy about sailing to Yamatai: she started to feel nervous and nauseous as they got closer and closer to the Dragon's Triangle - and not in the excited kind of way.[16]


After the shipwreck of the Endurance Lara and Sam get separated. While Lara is captured and strung up in the Scavenger Den Sam roams the island and finds Mathias, a seemingly friendly islander. But soon after Lara finds them he turns out to be in league with the Solarii and he kidnaps her.

Sam is a central piece in puzzle that forms the secret of the island. A major part of Lara's adventure revolves around finding and rescuing her friend, who is being held hostage by Mathias and his Solarii. His ultimate goal is to restore the soul of the last Sun Queen Himiko into Sam's body, so she can stop the storms that prevent everyone from leaving the island of Yamatai.


Samantha is more of a party bee compared to Lara, as during their adventures she's always going to clubs and even dragging her along. Samantha thinks that this might help Lara unlocking her inner party girl.[17]

In return Lara describes Samantha as "a camera nut" when she interrupts the cameraman working on the interviews of the Endurance crew with Whitman.[18] Samantha's affection to her camera is indeed strong, as she refers to it as her baby.[19] She is also so versed in filming and cameras that she spots camera brands while sunbathing.[20]


Samantha's ancestors are from Yamatai, and the tale of the Sun Queen was like a memory to Samantha's grandmother.[21]

Samantha's mother is a Portugese model and his father is Japanese. Her parents and family are rich, giving regularly money to Samantha.[22]

Samantha's uncle is apparently a wealthy man, as he has funded Conrad Roth's expeditions even before Yamatai.[23] Conrad Roth describes Samantha's uncle conditions for funding:

Yeah. That sounds like him. The bastard always drives a hard bargain.
Conrad Roth[24]

Samantha could be linked to either Hoshi or Himiko or to other Priestesses of the Sun through her ancestors, which would explain why she exactly was needed to complete the once corrupted Ritual of transferring Himiko's soul and stopping the storms.

There is no evidence given in the game or the comics that she is in any way related to Toro Nishimura from Tomb Raider: Legend; Nishimura is a common Japanese surname. However, it might be possible: Toro certainly has the money to fund an expedition like that.


Samantha is a close friend of Lara's. She also has good relations with the other members of the Endurance expedition.

Further Infromation

  • Real Name: Samantha Nishimura
  • Age: 22
  • Nationality: Portuguese, Japanese citizenship. English and Japanese speaking
  • Occupation: Documentary Producer/Translator, but receives regular money from her rich family.
  • Interests: High living, clubbing, spending money, travel and adventure

Samantha’s mother is a Portuguese model who was working in LA when she met Sam’s father, a media mogul from Japan. Growing up she moved a lot, not just down the street, but between continents. As a result Samantha was often the outsider in school, and gained attention by being a bit of a wild child.

Samantha is a budding documentary filmmaker and like Lara has a passion for uncovering the untold stories of the world. Despite her rebellious streak, Samantha has extremely expensive taste in clothes. Sam really can’t understand why Lara refuses to touch her fortune, and sometimes ribs her about it, but she doesn’t let it get in the way of their friendship.

Samantha and Lara share a feeling of being out of place in the world and feed on each other’s thirst for adventure.
Endurance Week: Meet the Crew[25]

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