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The Base Camps (also Fast Travel Camps, as they allow fast travel as opposed to the Day Camps) are a new feature introduced in the Reboot Tomb Raider (2013), and have since returned in Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

Base Camps allow Lara to rest during her adventure, to heal, upgrade her Skills, Weapons and Gear, to fast-travel to other Base Camps throughout the various Tomb Raider (2013), Rise of the Tomb Raider and Shadow of the Tomb Raider Locations.

Tomb Raider (2013)

There are numerous Base Camps on the mysterious island of Yamatai. They consist of a small camp-fire where Lara can sit down to warm up and rest. There are several other camps that do not allow fast travel; these are called Day Camps.

Campsites can be found all over the island and provide a number of uses to Lara during her travels. There are two kinds of campsites, Day Camps and Fast Travel Camps. Day Camps are signified by a campfire icon on the map while Fast Travel Camps are represented by a tent icon. Lara can use her Skill Points to purchase new Survival Skills as well as spend Salvage on upgrades to her Gear at both Day Camps and Fast Travel Camps. Fast Travel camps also allow Lara to quickly move between previously visited campsites allowing you to re-explore and collect new things in regions that have already been discovered.
TOMB RAIDER Instructions Booklet[1]

Features Available at Base Camps

List of Base Camps

There are 24 Locations and 16 Base Camps in Tomb Raider (2013). There are 23(?) Levels in the game. The table below shows where each level begins (but not necessarily where it ends).

Location Levels Base Camp
Scavenger's Den Force of Will (none)
Coastal Bluffs Signs of Life (none)
Coastal Forest Woman versus Wild, Just Keep Moving, At an Impasse Sheltered Ridge, Forest Ruins
Mountain Temple Mountain Rendezvous Mountain Temple
Mountain Village 1st visit: Cry for Help

2nd visit: Guilty Conscience

Village Plateau, Village Overlook
Base Approach Cry for Help Broken Tunnel
Mountain Base Cry for Help Map Room
Base Exterior Cry for Help, A Road Less Traveled Radio Tower
Cliffside Village A Road Less Traveled (none)
Mountain Pass Another Fine Mess (none)
Chasm Monastery (none)
Mountain Descent (none)
Shantytown Highway to Hell Helicopter Hill, Windmill
Geothermal Caverns Catacombs
Summit Forest Hunting Lodge
Solarii Fortress (none)
Fortress Tower (none)
Gondola Transport (none)
Shipwreck Beach Survivors' Camp
Cliffside Bunker (none)
Research Base Research Lab
Chasm Stronghold (none)
Chasm Shrine Sacred Hall, Sacred Passage
Chasm Ziggurat (none)

There are no base camps at the following locations since they are either to small or no longer accessible after Lara went there for the first time. Some of these may have Day Camps that act as a place where Lara can upgrade her weaponry and tools, but can not fast travel from or to.


Karl Stewart promised close to a hundred Base Camps in on of his interviews: [2] The final number of Base Camps accessible by fast travel are 16; additionally there are 26 (???) Day Camps, bringing the total number of camps to 42 (???).

Rise of the Tomb Raider

Base Camps are again a central game element in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Day Camps on the other hand have been dropped; all camps are fully functional and all options are available here - both upgrades as well as fast travel.

List of Base Camps

There are 15 Locations and 43 Base Camps in Rise of the Tomb Raider; seven of these Base Camps are located in Challenge Tombs. There is one additional Location and two more Base Camps in the Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch DLC, bringing the total up to 16 Locations and 45 Base Camps.

There are 43 Levels spread across Syria and Siberia, the table below shows where each level begins (but not necessarily where it ends). The Baba Yaga DLC is not divided into levels, as it is independent of the normal game's progress, but rather into separate missions, which are listed below instead of levels. Note that these missions do not necessarily start in the Wicked Vale but may start in the Soviet Installation.

Location Levels Base Camp
Siberia Mountain Peak Ascension (none)
Syria Northwest Border of Syria The Lost Tomb, The Hidden Oasis, The Prophet's Tomb Syrian Cliffs, Syrian Catacomb, Syrian Tomb,
Siberia Siberian Wilderness A Cold Welcome, Echoes of the Past, Best Laid Plans Wilderness Refuge
Glacial Cavern Among the Enemy Mongolian Passage
Soviet Installation 1st visit: Unexpected Discovery, Prison Break, The Way Out, Get Out of Dodge, Fugitives, Alone Again

2nd visit: The Rescue, Tracking Down Trinity

Installation Vista, Train Yard, Logging Camp, Hidden Refuge, Communications Tower, The Gulag, Sheltered Ridge, Copper Mill Yard, Copper Mill Bridge
Challenge Tombs Cistern Cavern, Excavation Shaft, Frozen Gorge
Abandoned Mines Shortcut Pantheon Corridor
Geothermal Valley 1st visit: Warming Up, Prepare for Battle, To the Tower

2nd visit: Silent Night, The Cathedral

3rd visit: The Gathering

Valley Farmstead, Ruins Encampment, Cliffside Lookout, Aqueduct Ruins, Hidden Ravine, Cathedral Courtyard, Ridgeline
Challenge Tombs Aquifer Cavern, Infirmary, Whirlpool Sanctuary, Hidden Ridge
The Acropolis Into the Acropolis, Reach the Tower, Rescue Mission, Back to the Forest Tower Courtyard, Riverside Landing, Remnant Bazaar
Flooded Archives Glimpses, The Atlas, Dark Waters, Rising Tide, Escape the Archive Chamber of Records, Greek Fire Depot
Research Base The Cathedral, Save Jonah, Protector Weather Station, Soviet Facility
The Orrery Path of the Deathless (Level), Through the Glacier Solmn Crevasse
Path of the Deathless Into the Hidden City, Breaking In Hall of Guardians, Icy Bluff
The Lost City The Frozen City, Gate Crasher, You Shall Not Pass, Ascension, The Devine Source Threshold of Kitezh, Citadel Plaza, Citadel Gate, Broken Spire, Final Precipice
Challenge Tombs Geothermal Cavern
Baba Yaga DLC
Wicked Vale The Disturbance in the Sawmill, Chasing Grandpa, Gathering Clues, Making the Antidote, True Vision, Defeating the Witch Wicked Vale, Witch's Cave

There is only one location where Lara can not return to as the avalanche has probably destroyed the place: Mountain Peak.

Similarly the three Base Camps in Syria - Syrian Cliffs, Syrian Catacomb, Syrian Tomb - are only available for fast travel after the player has finished the game and chooses to continue afterwards in order to collect more goodies.

Shadow of the Tomb Raider

There are three locations that Lara Croft can not return to: The Cozumel Caves that were blown up by a Trinity trap set for curious adventurers, the flashback scene in her youth in Croft Manor, as well as the final location, the City of the Serpent under the vulcano. These regions are therefore not accessible by Fast Travel.

There also is no Base Camp in the Trial of the Eagle, but this region is accessible from Kuwaq Yaku. Same goes for the Belly of the Serpent, which can be accessed from The Hidden City.

List of Base Camps


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There are 14 Locations and 49 Base Camps in Shadow of the Tomb Raider. Furthermore there are 19 Levels in the game's story mode and nine Challenge Tombs can be visited in the base game.

The table below shows where each level begins (but not necessarily where it ends); some levels span over entire locations.

Location Levels Base Camps
Cozumel Caves A Faint Light (none)
Cozumel In the Shadows
Hunter's Moon
Head Above Water
Tidal Caves
Cozumel Cliffs
Peruvian Jungle Rough Landing
Where the Twins Confer
Plane Fuselage
Jungle Ruins
Jaguar Den
Plane Wreackage
Jungle Cavern
Canyon Ruins (Challenge Tomb: Underworld Gate)
(Challenge Tomb without Base Camp: Judge's Gaze)
Croft Manor Brave Adventurer (none)
Kuwaq Yaku Path of the Living
Path of the Dead
Path to the Hidden City
Jungle Cliffs
Kuwaq Yaku
Hunting Grounds
Kuwaq Yaku Ruins
Airfield Dirt Road
Temple of Life
Petroleum Deposit (Challenge Tomb: Howling Caves)
Trial of the Eagle Path to the Hidden City Trial of the Eagle
The Hidden City The Hidden City
Rebellion Lives
Last Emperor
Quipu Overlook
Wild Jungle
Belly of the Serpent
Abandoned Village
Fishing District
Paititi Market
Temple District
Temple Path
Village Caves
Temple of the Sun (Challenge Tomb: Temple of the Sun)
Upper City Main Gate
Temple of Kukulkan
Subterran River (Challenge Tomb: Ancient Aqueduct)
Skull Cave
Unuratu's Home
(Challenge Tomb without Base Camp: Path of the Battle)
The Mountain Temple Eye of the Serpent The Mountain Temple
Temple Barracks
Cenote  ??? Cenote Vista
Cenote Temple Ruins
Collapsed Temple (Challenge Tomb: San Cordoba)
Cenote Tomb
Cenote Climb
Porvenir Oil Fields Downpour The Beach
Destroyed Bridge
Mission of San Juan Via Veritas
Via Crucis
Veni Vidi Perdidi
Falling Apart
Flood Basin (Challenge Tomb: Thirsty Gods)
Mountain Catacombs (Challenge Tomb: Tree of Life)
Deserted Cloister
Ruined Tower
Mission Gate
Head of the Serpent  ??? Head of the Serpent
Belly of the Serpent  ??? (none, accessible from The Hidden City)
City of the Serpent City of the Serpent City of the Serpent

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