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Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Section Peru
Length (*)
Location Riverbed, Porvenir Oil Fields
Level Chronology:
Last Emperor Downpour Via Veritas

Downpour is the 15th Level in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, taking place in Peru.


Lara Croft leaves Paititi to continue her search for the Silver Box of Ix Chel, but promises Etzli she will return. On her way downstream with Jonah they are attacked by a Trinity helicopter. They are separated and Lara finds herself without weapons again, washed ashore within sight of Trinity. She only has her Knife with her to fight her way up the Porvenir Oil Fields. When Commander Rourke contacts her and tells her that Jonah is dead she promises that she will get to him and kill him in revenge, but first she has to escape another helicopter shooting up the old refinery while trying to get her. In her rage she fights her way through masses of Trinity soldiers.


  • Find Jonah
  • Evade the helicopter
  • Defeat Trinity