Rough Landing

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Rough Landing
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Section Peru
Length (*)
Location Peruvian Jungle, Peru
Level Chronology:
Head Above Water Rough Landing Brave Adventurer

Rough Landing is the fifth Level in Shadow of the Tomb Raider taking place in Peru.


On their way to Peru Lara Croft, Jonah Maiava, and Miguel, their pilot, are surprised by a freak storm that seems to come out of nowhere. After Miguel is knocked out by a huge piece of ice that smashes through the windscreen, the plane soon begins to break up and Lara finds her self alone and without her Gear.

When a flare goes up in the distance, Lara assumes there are other survivors and she heads in that direction. She comes upon a camp where Miguel seems to have stayed at least for a little while. Lara's gear hangs up in a tree and she has to use a sharpened piece of the plane's propeller to use as a Makeshift Knife to cut it down.

She sets off to find Miguel only to discover that he is being attacked by a Jaguar and mauled to death. She follows the trail and soon comes face to face with the Jaguar, too. On the other side of the jaguar's territory she finds Jonah and together they make their way towards Kuwaq Yaku, the village they were headed to originally. But suddenly another jaguar attacks.


  • Look for Survivors
  • Head towards the flare
  • Search the area
  • Find a tool to cut down your gear
  • Cut the ropes holding your gear
Collect salvage to sharpen knife (3 salvage needed)
Sharpen the knife at the Base Camp
Cut the ropes holding your gear


  • A common glitch in this level is that Jonah may sometimes have a double at his side. He has been spotted at the end of the bridge puzzle and during the cut scene while Lara is being attacked by the empress jaguar.