Head Above Water

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Head Above Water
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Section Cozumel
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 15 min

Location Cozumel, Mexico
Level Chronology:
Hunter's Moon Head Above Water Rough Landing

Head Above Water is the forth Level in Shadow of the Tomb Raider taking place in Mexico.


When Lara Croft returns to Cozumel, she is ambushed by Trinity and Dr. Dominguez is able to take the Key of Chak Chel from her. He can not believe that Lara would set off the apocalypse without having the Silver Box of Ix Chel. After he leaves in a helicopter, a Tsunami hits the town and Lara has to get to higher ground fast while the town and the people drown around her. When she reaches Jonah, who is tending to the survivors, they have a fight over her priorities.


  • Get to Higher Ground


This part was first presented during the Reveal Events as part of the playable demo and made public during E3 2018. It serves as an introduction to gameplay features like the Swimming.