Key of Chak Chel

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The Key of Chak Chel

The Key of Chak Chel is an Artefact that Lara Croft finds on the island of Cozumel on a Dig Site run by Trinity. It is an ancient Obsidian Dagger with mystical powers that triggers a Maya Apocalypse described as the Cleansing by Dr. Dominguez. As soon as Lara takes the Dagger from its resting place, an Earthquake shakes the tomb and the rest of the island. Soon after Dr. Dominguez takes it from Lara and escapes the town a Tsunami triggered by the quake washes away Cozumel.

The Key of Chak Chel is also the Key to open the Silver Box of Ix Chel, another Artefact that Lara finds in Peru and which ends up in the possession of Dr Dominguez.