Hunter's Moon

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Hunter's Moon
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Section Mexico
Length (*)
  • Game Time: 15 min

Location Cozumel
Level Chronology:
In the Shadows Hunter's Moon Head Above Water

Hunter's Moon is the third Level in Shadow of the Tomb Raider taking place in Mexico.


After following Dr. Dominguez through the streets of Cozumel, Lara Croft enters the Dig Site and crosses the Maya ruins. Here she soon finds a local archaeologist being threatened by a Trinity mercenary who has orders to kill everyone associated with their dig. She reaches the ocean and rappels down to a cave entrance that is normally under water, where she finally finds the Key of Chak Chel - an obsidian dagger - and a mural warning everyone who dares to take it of multiple disasters and an apocalypse. When Lara takes the dagger, an earthquake hits.


  • Explore the ruins
  • Get to the top of the pyramid
  • Exit the temple
  • Get through the dig site


This part was first presented during the Reveal Events as part of the playable demo and made public during E3 2018. It serves as an introduction to gameplay features like the Vine Wall Movement where Lara can hide inside Vegetation Walls and attack foes from concealment, and to show off the Combat Survival Instincts.