Northwest Border of Syria

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Northwest Border of Syria

Asia (Middle East)

Country Syria
Games Rise of the Tomb Raider

The Northwest Border of Syria is a location in Rise of the Tomb Raider. It succeeds the Mountain Peak location and precedes the Siberian Wilderness.


It is one of the first locations in the game. After finding references to the tomb of the Prophet and the secret of immortality in her father's notes, Lara comes here in search for answers. She first arrives here in the passenger's seat of a Jeep driven by a hired local guide. When Trinity attacks them, the Jeep is lost and the driver is killed. Lara has to continue on foot, to explore the area around the Oasis. She enters the Prophet's tomb, but finds it empty, just as Konstantin and his Trinity minions turn up.


On first play-through there are three levels at this location: The Lost Tomb, The Hidden Oasis, and The Prophet's Tomb.

Base Camps

There are three Base Camp at this location: Syrian Cliffs, Syrian Catacomb, and Syrian Tomb. These Base Camps are only available after the game has been completed, so if you are aiming to get 100% on the first play-through, you should pick up all items and Secrets and finish the Challenge Hang 'Em High.


The theatre demo shown at E3 and Gamescom takes place here. [1] It shows the arrival of Lara Croft in Syria up to the point where she enters the great hall that leads to the Prophet's tomb, skips over the puzzles, and continues after Lara met Konstantin.


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