Syrian Guide

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The Syrian Guide

The Syrian Guide (aka Syrian Jeep Driver) is the nameless Jeep driver that takes Lara to the Northwest Border of Syria in Rise of the Tomb Raider. He obviously betrayed Lara's trust: A Trinity helicopter starts chasing both of them and finally kills him. The Jeep veers off, overturns, and Lara gets thrown from it shortly before it explodes.

"You told someone, didn't you?" - "They paid better than you!" - "You bastard..."
Conversation between Lara and her driver

The guide is a middle aged man of near-eastern looks with a dense black full beard. He wears a dark red woollen cap and a blue shirt over a grey T-shirt. He seems to know his way around the region with it's different civil war parties and is able to evade the following chopper several times before being finally hit.