Veni Vidi Perdidi

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Veni Vidi Perdidi
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Section Peru
Length (*)
Location Mission of San Juan
Level Chronology:
Via Crucis Veni Vidi Perdidi Falling Apart

Veni Vidi Perdidi is the 17th Level in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, taking place in Peru.


To save Jonah Lara Croft has to give up the Silver Box of Ix Chel to Dr. Dominguez. She implores him once again to honour Unutatu's last wishes and restore the sun instead of remaking the world but he is not impressed. Jonah seizes the chance to free himself and attack the Trinity goons. Again they are separated. Lara has to fight her way through the mercenaries and in the end try to reach the helicopter Jonah has found to get them out of harms way as the volcano is about to erupt.

But Dr. Dominguez has other plans and manages to wrest the Silver Box of Ix Chel from him and take the helicopter himself to escape. While it is taking off, it is hit by a volcanic bomb, though and starts to send a distress call. While Jonah and Abby stay behind, Lara follows the chopper downhill.



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  • Get Through the Trinity Forces