Soviet Installation

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Soviet Installation


Country Siberia
Games Rise of the Tomb Raider
  • 1st visit:
  • 2nd visit:

The Soviet Installation is a location in Rise of the Tomb Raider.

Lara visits this location twice: First she arrives here from the Glacial Cavern and leaves through the Abandoned Mines; she revisits it coming from the Geothermal Valley and leaves for the Research Base. It is the fifth location discovered in the game.


The Soviet Installation was abandoned some time ago after the Remnant revolted against the Soviet oppression. It now is occupied by patrolling Trinity soldiers as well as Remnant hunting parties, sometimes fighting each other.

First Visit

Shortly before entering the installation Lara talks to Sophia for the first time. She threatens her with her bow and tells her to leave her and the Remnant alone. Unwilling to abandon her quest, Lara presses on, though. Soon she has to get rid of Trinity soldiers blocking her way, before discovering the Remnant General who provides her with her first Mission.

After hearing about Jacob she continues up the mountain side into the old Gulag to rescue him, but is discovered by Trinity and taken prisoner. Konstantin interrogates her and Ana, her stepmother, reveals herself to be an Trinity agent as well.

Lara and Jacob manage to break out of the prison and together they narrowly escape Konstantin and his helicopter. They split up after Jacob rescues Lara form the freezing water she fell into. She heads for the old Soviet copper mines, where she meets Jacob again and they begin their journey through the mountain.

Second Visit

After Konstantin has taken the Atlas and kidnapped Jonah Lara sets out for a rescue mission. This brings her back to the Soviet Installation. She follows a track left by Trinity up the hills and finally reaches the Research Base.

Challenge Tombs

There are three Challenge Tombs located in the Soviet Installation: Ancient Cistern, The Red Mine, and Voice of God.


There are five Missions available in the Soviet Installation: Communications Breakdown, Dangerous Territory, Gulag Recon, The Unlucky Ones, and Misguided Intelligence.


On first play-through there are six Levels that take place at this location: Unexpected Discovery, Prison Break, The Way Out, Get Out of Dodge, Fugitives, and Alone Again. When Lara later revisits the installation there are two more levels that take place at this location: The Rescue and Tracking Down Trinity.

Base Camps

There are nine Base Camps at this location: Installation Vista, Train Yard, Logging Camp, Hidden Refuge, Communications Tower, The Gulag, Sheltered Ridge, Copper Mill Yard, and Copper Mill Bridge.