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Died 2015
Occupation Trinity Operative
Spouse Lover of Lord Croft
Game(s) Rise of the Tomb Raider

Ana is one of the main characters in Rise of the Tomb Raider. She was Lara's father's, Lord Richard Croft, lover after the death of Lara's mother.


After Lord Croft's supposed suicide she remained friendly with Lara. The first time they meet in Rise of the Tomb Raider is in Lara's Flat in London, were she unsuccessfully urges Lara to abandon her search.

Later on they meet again in the Siberian Gulag, where she pretends to have been captured by Trinity in order to extract information on the Divine Source and the Remnant from Lara. Soon she reveals herself as being part of Trinity and having entered into a relationship with Lord Croft solely to spy on him. Also, Konstantin, the leader of the Trinity soldiers in Siberia, is her brother, whom she has manipulated from childhood to believe he has some sort of higher purpose in life by repeatedly wounding his hands simulating stigmata.

All the while Ana's search for the Divine Source is motivated by her illness that is threatening to kill her soon. She has no intention of letting Trinity have the Source as she wants to use it on herself in order to heal her disease. In the end she succeeds at getting to the source first, but when she looks into it she drops it and Lara is able to destroy it.

In a cut scene after the end credits Lara confronts her about her father's death, as something that Konstantin said to her leads her to believe that Ana had a hand in Lord Crofts death. She denies this and claims to have loved him, but also confirms that it was no suicide. Before she can elaborate on this she is killed by a Trinity sniper.

Relationship to Other Characters

Atlas de Mornay, Lara's Uncle, in a letter confirms that he and Ana have stayed in contact and discussed Lara's health.[1] This is a possible source for the therapy session[2] tapes she used to assess Lara's character, trying to push her to help Trinity in the search for the Divine Source.


Ana seems to be an accomplished liar: She has been manipulating her brother from a very young age on and she pretended to love Lord Croft to get him to talk about his research. She lies to Lara when she pretends she want her to stop her father's research, instead pushing her even further into it. She even lies to Trinity, as she does not want to hand over the Source but instead wants to use it herself.

This life of duplicity and spying makes her lonely, which in turn makes her hard and emphasizes the egocentric part of her personality. It seems that all she ever did in her life was for her own gain and that she never cared for anybody but herself. So when she falls fatally ill, she does not seek help from friends or family, but again manipulates them into doing exactly what she wants in the hope of saving her own life, no matter the cost.

She does not kill in person but rather manipulates others to do the killing for her - although it is unclear what part she played in the death of Lord Croft and his supposed suicide. From what we can gather from Konstantin's ramblings, the suicide was probably staged by her, but it is unclear if she herself pulled the trigger.

On the other hand she has the opportunity to get Lara killed on numerous occasions, which she does not do. Instead she always says that she might still be useful. Whether this betrays a little bit of affection for Lara is unclear, but it is at least possible. It also seems that she also somewhat liked Lord Croft more than she leads on.



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