Gulag Recon

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Gulag Recon
Contact Remnant Scout
Location Soviet Installation
  • The Remnant Scout is waiting west of the Sawmill in a cave
  • Three places in the old Soviet Gulag
  • Discover enemy troop movement plans.
  • Find the guard schedule for the gulag.
  • Reclaim archeological discovery evidence.
Reward Rifle Suppressor
Game Rise of the Tomb Raider

Gulag Recon is a Mission in Rise of the Tomb Raider.


After helping the Remnant Scout getting rid of the Wolves in the cave, he offers Lara another mission. In order to help plan for an attack on Trinity he wants her to go back to the Soviet Gulag and retrieve some intel.


This mission is moderately difficult. Lara has to Fast Travel to the gulag, because there is no direct connection anymore between it and the rest of the Soviet Installation - the zip line from the tower near the Supply Shack she used before is gone after she was discovered by Trinity soldiers.

Inside the gulag there are a fair amount of Trinity mercenaries only waiting for a fight. Lara has to get of them in order to find the intel she is looking for. The three places she has to search are marked on the map with green circles and can also be found using Survival Instincts.