Trial of the Eagle

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Trail of the Eagle

The Trail of the Eagle is one of the four Puzzles in Shadow of the Tomb Raider Lara has to overcome to enter the hidden city of Paititi. The other three are the Trial of the Snake, the Trial of the Spider, and the Trial of the Jaguar.

Unlike Optional Tombs this puzzle is placed on the main story path and can not be bypassed. It is the gate that actually guards the entrance of Paititi - one of the reasons that no one from the rest of the world has ever been able to get there so far.


The Trial of the Eagle Puzzle is driven mainly by wind physics, hence the name. Lara has to ascend to the top of a rotating contraption by traversing its many levels, testing her skill and her intelligence at the same time.

Lara starts out at the base of a derelict tower, where the walls have crumbled away to reveal the inner workings of the mechanism. Lara's first task is to get the mechanism running.