Best Laid Plans

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The Lost Engineers Scroll

Best Laid Plans is one of the Documents in Baba Yaga: The Temple of the Witch (additional content for Rise of the Tomb Raider). It belongs to The Lost Engineers set, scrolls left behind by an engineer tasked with the construction of a shrine in the Wicked Vale, but whose crew fell victim to the hallucination brought on by the local vegetation.

The founders planned to build a great shrine in the Vale...

It is my great honor to have been given the responsibility of overseeing the construction of a shrine to the apostles, out in the far vale. The site is on the very borders of our newly founded City, through a distant canyon. The natural waterfalls and geothermal springs grant us an amazing opportunity to use our combined knowledge to create a place of solemn worship and reflection that glorifies not only the memory of the Apostles, but also our own recent advances in construction.

Already, we have outpaced the Empire we left behind. We will arrive in the morning, and break ground on a shrine to honor our past and the future of our City.