Force of Will

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Force of Will
Tomb Raider (2013)
Level No 1
Secrets 0
Location Scavenger's Den
Level Chronology:
Force of Will Signs of Life

Force of Will is the first level of Tomb Raider (2013).

It takes place inside the Scavenger's Den, the first location of the game and even continues a bit into Coastal Bluffs, the area outside the den, where Lara escapes to.


When Lara regains conciousness after the storm that shipwrecked the Endurance on Yamatai, she finds herself tied in a bundle, suspended upside-down from the ceiling inside a cavern.


  • Find a way out
  • Keep moving forward to survive



During two Quick Time Events Lara must break free from the Scavenger.


To free herself from captivity Lara has to push a flammable sack into the fire, by swinging her own cocoon against it.
At the same time Lara ignites a flammable cloth, which she can then use to set her own sack on fire. She will find another flammable cloth that will serve as fuse for a fuel barrel throughout the level.
The flammable barrier blocks Lara's path. Fortunately she can use the Torch to set it on fire. It's again the white cloth that burns.
Water, running down from the ceiling, forming a curtain, will extinguish the flame of Lara's torch, making it necessary to light it again.
Wading through the water slows Lara's progress considerably.
A single fuel barrel can be detonated by setting the flammable cloth attached to it on fire.
The flotsam puzzle consists of quite a few elements. A couple of Fuel Barrels and Naval Mines are floating in front of a destructible barrier; the Flammable Flotsam can be used to detonate the explosives and open the path. To get the flotsam past the water barrier the two metal cages tethered together have to be used.
During her escape from the den Lara steps on a piece of floor that gives way and sends her down a slope.
During her slide downhill Lara is confronted with Sharp Branches. The player can steer her away from them, but they won't do enough damage to kill Lara so it's not really necessary.
When Lara lingers at the bottom of the slope she may eventually be killed by the rocks falling from the ceiling.
During her escape Lara also has to jump a number of gaps, in order to not perish by falling into a deep pit.
To finally escape the Scavenger's Den Lara has to scramble up a steep slope.
While scrambling up the slope, Lara has to evade two rolling boulders.

Typical Scenery of the Level


Note on the Level Name

The name of the level isn't always clearly displayed in the objective overview. At first it is titled "Survive", then its name changes to Force of Will, just to be changed to Survive again when Lara has already exited the Den but not quite reached the Signs of Life level yet.