Naval Mines

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Naval Mines
Tr9 mine.png
Obstacle Type Explosives
Strategy force a controlled detonation

Naval Mines are an obstacle and trap in the Tomb Raider Games.


Tomb Raider II

The Naval Mines are found in the Venice level, planted in front of the door leading to Bartoli's Hideout. They detonate when they get in contact with the motorboat that Lara drives. To avoid them, Lara must jump out of the boat at the last moment, leaving it to collide with them. In this manner, only the boat will set them off, and Lara will escape unscathed. Another way to get past them is to prevent the mines from exploding. Lara can simply swim through them.

Tomb Raider (2013) - A Survivor is Born

The Naval Mines can be found in various locations on Yamatai in Tomb Raider (2013). Mostly Lara encounters them near the coast, though. They will explode on contact with fire or other explosions. For the most part they can be spotted pretty easily since they are rather big, round, metallic, and have detonators sticking out of them.

The first mines Lara encounters are in the Scavenger's Den where she has to use fire to denote them and the Explosive Barrels in order to open a way out of the den.
In the Shipwreck Beach location mines are a part of the Mine Sweeper Challenge.