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The Motorboat is one of the vehicles in Tomb Raider II. Lara finds it in the Venice section.

There are two ways to get into the boat. Either you swim to one of the sides and press Action to climb inside, or you run or jump into it from a jetty, she will automatically land onto it without pressing any button. Use the directional buttons to drive ahead, backwards or to steer left or right. There is a turbo mode for the boat. Hit Action to activate it. Careful, if you hit anything while the turbo is active, Lara will take damage. To get out of the boat, come to a halt and press jump along with left or right. Lara can either jump into the water or onto a jetty.

There is one part in the game, at the end of Venice, the entrance to Bartoli's Hideout where you have to drive full speed towards a set of water mines. Lara has to jump out, while the boat has to go on to detonate the mines. If she does not get out, she will explode along with the boat. At another part of the game, Lara has to take the boat at full speed up a ramp.


Getting In: Action Button

while swimming to the side of the boat, or running/jumping in from a jetty

Driving Ahead: Up
Steering: Left/Right
Driving Backwards: Back
Turbo: Action Button
Getting out: Jump and Left/Right