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The Story of Tomb Raider (2013) strands Lara Croft on a deserted island near the coast of Japan.

Full Story

Aboard the Endurance

Lara Croft is aboard the research vessel Endurance, en route to search for the Lost Fleet of Kublai Khan in the Pacific Ocean. When Lara suggests to closer examine a seemingly uninhabited island[1], the ship is hit by a storm and split in two. Lara, trying to reach the rest of the crew, Lara takes a giant leap. She manages to grab Roth's hand, but then slips and falls into the ocean being separated from the ship.

In the Hands of the Scavenger

Crawling ashore after struggling with the ocean for some time, Lara sees her friends and colleagues atop a cliff near the beach. "This one's bleeding out..." Reyes shouts out.

Lara tries to get their attention by calling out. "Hello!?"

But her shouts are too far away to be heard by the rest of the crew. Jonah and Dr. Whitman are walking up and down restlessly, while Reyes is shouting orders and trying to get the situation under control. "...put some pressure on it!"

Lara tries to get their attention again. "Help!"

Alex is trying to resuscitate a fallen crewman, begging him to stay with him. "Come on... come on! Breathe, goddamn it!"

"We've got wounded people." While Reyes is trying to get everyone to be helpful, Whitman is wallowing in self-pity. "I knew something like this would happen! Where the hell are we?" Reyes tries to snap him out of it. "Come on, Doctor! Help us out here!" Meanwhile Jonah keeps a lookout for any other survivors "No sign of Roth or Lara."

Lara has still not given up her shouting, still coughing badly from all the water she has swallowed. "Reyes! Jonah! I'm here!" She struggles to get up and tries to get her bearings when she is hit over the head by someone.

While slipping in and out of conciousness, Lara is being dragged along to the Scavenger's Den.

When she fully regains consciousness, Lara finds herself tied in a cocoon suspended upside-down from the ceiling alongside other similar-looking cocoons, struggling to get free and screaming for help. "Help... Jonah? Reyes? Help!"

Lara starts to sway around. "Got to get down." Swinging the bundle to and fro Lara manages to set the sack next to her, as well as the beam with the cloth nearby, on fire. "I can't die like this." Lara then changes direction to set her own cocoon on fire. "This is going to hurt." Lara falls down and is badly wounded, when falling onto a metal rod, which punctures her side. "No, no..." She pulls it out. Badly hurt Lara sets out to explore the caves she's in. She is shocked to find one of her crewmates, Steph, tied up above an altar, the victim of some strange kind of ritual. "Oh god, no... no, no... What is this place?" "What happened to you?", Lara will ask when she considers the body for a moment.

Lara then notices something that might help her out. "A torch..."' Grabbing the torch she continues.

Lara crawls into a small space in the wall, and a Scavenger suddenly jumps behind her and grabs her legs. Lara screams "Let go! Get off me!" and struggles to get free. The Scavenger tries to tell her to stop fighting "Stop! Stop struggling! Stand still!" After Lara breaks free, the opening crumbles shut, leaving the Scavenger to the other side. The Scavenger shouts behind the rubble: "Come back! Come back! I'm just trying to help you!" Lara sighs: "That was close. Oh shit, that was close..." The Scavenger's voice echoes in the cave: "Come back! Come... Come back! Come on!"

Escaping the collapsing Scavenger's Den, Lara quickly crawls into an opening just below a big boulder, which ominously slides down a bit. The Scavenger grabs her legs again. Lara yells "Let go, you bastard!" while struggling. The Scavenger replies "I want to help you! Help you!" Lara kicks him off and the boulder falls down, crushing the Scavenger.

Lara frantically crawls out of a small opening in the rock wall, to escape the Scavenger's Den.

Setting Out to Find the Others

Emerging atop shipwreck bay, Lara takes a look around at where she is. In sunset she looks at the wreckage surrounding the coastline. Lara sets out to follow the only path leading away from the Scavenger's Den. Looking down she spots one of the life boats of the Endurance. "The Lifeboat. Where are they?" She makes searching for the rest of the crew ("Search for traces of other survivors") her new goal. She discovers several obstacles in her path and is forced to balance across a fallen tree and jump over gaps. Further up the path she has to do her first serious climbing, up the remains of an old B-52[2] bomber which comes loose under her weight. She can barely escape in time. Finally Lara comes across an abandoned fire place where she finds the pack of her friend Sam, a radio, a video camera, and a box with a single match inside. When she is caught in the rain she seeks shelter at a Base Camp underneath a cliff overhang. Exhausted, badly hurt, thirsty and shivering Lara tries to get comfortable. She captures water from the waterfall with her fingers and sips it to quench her thirst, before she lights up the camp fire with the one remaining match she found.

After taking shelter from the thunderstorm, Lara finds herself hungry and sets out to find food. She stumbles across the body of a dead hunter with bow who's hanging upside down from a tree. Her climbing skills allow Lara to grab the bow and continue onwards with it. In this open area she discovers a lot of wildlife, bunnies, birds, and deer, the latter of which she has to hunt and kill for food. Once she has killed a deer, Lara cuts it open with the spearhead to gather the meat. She then returns to the base camp once more to consume her food.

After eating, Lara finally manages to get through to Roth, using the radio. After Lara tells him she was captured by the Scavengers and that their colleague Steph was killed down in the den, he gives her a pep talk and tells her to find him at his location. Lara sets off again. When she hears eerie music, she follows it through a now open bunker door. The door closes behind her and she has no other choice but to go down a ladder and into the caverns underneath the bunker. She notices strange markings that make no sense to her. When a door blocks her path, she has to go searching for something she can use as a crowbar. Utilizing her burning torch she can open another path and find an Old Pry Tool with which she can then open the door and continue. She goes up the ladder and ends up back outside.

Lara follows voices and finds Sam talking to a strange man. She tries to stay hidden from view to assess the situation before getting into it, but Sam calls out to her. The man tells her that his name is Mathias, that he is "a teacher by trade" and that he is afraid of "the savages who live here". While the three of them sits by the fire, Sam retold the story of Queen Himiko. Lara then fell asleep. When she woke up, both Sam and Mathias were already gone. Lara called for them in panic while walking and didn't see a bear trap which then trapped her foot.

While she is trapped, she hears wolves howling. When they finally attack, with lightning striking all around them, Lara is forced to act quickly and shoot three wolves, one after the other, when they jump out from the bushes.

Four of the Endurance crew (Dr. Whitman, Jonah, Alex and Reyes) arrive shortly after Lara has disposed of the wolves and help her out of the trap. She tells them that Sam has been captured and they plan to set out after them to attempt a rescue. However it is decided that Lara should rest and then return to Captain Roth to inform him of the situation. Doctor Whitman decides to accompany Lara. While she rests at a camp site, he scouts ahead. When he finds a closed gate with an opening mechanism, he calls out to Lara to come over.

At the gate she discovers that there are two turning mechanisms that open it. Doctor Whitman is manning one, the other is unfortunately missing a handle. Lara thinks about using her pry tool as handle but it turns out to be too weak. She then sets out to find equipment to strengthen it. With enough salvage she can then return to the base camp and upgrade.

With the upgraded axe Lara then returns to the waiting Doctor Whitman and inserts it into the mechanism on her side. Together they turn their wheels and open the gate. Once through the gate, in the forest on the other side, they are suddenly surrounded by a group of the savages. While Whitman immediately surrenders the gun he is carrying, Lara - remembering her personal experience with the scavengers - is not willing to disarm and aims her arrow at the attackers. She is tackled and disarmed from behind. The bow is taken from her and her hands are tied behind her back before she is knocked out cold.

Later, when awaking in a camp of the scavengers, Lara witnesses how another captive is shot when trying to escape. Nevertheless she uses the confusion to try and escape herself. Moving in the shadows, sneaking along a wall, she evades the patrolling men with flashlights and manages to hide in a shack. Unfortunately one of the scavengers, with Russian background, finds her and drags her from her hiding place. He starts harassing her, but Lara fights him off, kneeing him in his soft parts and biting him. When she is roughly thrown to the ground, she manages to grab his handgun and pull the trigger, killing the man with a shot to his head. Lara is shocked by what has happened, looking at the man horrified. But finally she picks up the gun to continue her fight for survival.


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