Flammable Sacks

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Flammable Sacks
Obstacle Type Flammable Object
Strategy hold a torch to them or shoot a fire arrow at them

The Flammable Sacks are objects found within Tomb Raider (2013). These are usually suspended from the ceiling. To burn them Lara either has to use the torch, or if they are out of reach, the Bow equipped with Fire Arrows.

There is also a challenge tied to these inside the Geothermal Caverns.


Tomb Raider (2013)

Flammable Sacks can be found right in the first level Force of Will, inside the Scavenger's Den. They can be burnt using the torch. These have no function, as they hold nothing of real interest, just some remains of unfortunate victims of the Scavenger.
Inside the geothermal caverns are 6 of these sacks that have to be burnt for the Firestarter challenge. Lara has to use the Bow with Fire Arrows equipped to reach them.
  1. This sack is simply on the roof in the main chamber. To find it more easily, come down the stairs from the start, head over to the opposite side, where there is a relic in the upper alcove. Turn around and shoot the sack from there. Stand at 53N 712684 UTM 3416016, the sack is at 53N 712686 UTM 3416011.
  2. From where you enter the main cavern head over to the left. Step into the second passage, the one you have to clear by shooting a fire arrow into the gas. Head all the way through and climb up. Turn around and shoot a fire arrow in the alcove above the passage to destroy the sack there, at 53N 712677 UTM 3416011.
  3. In the main cavern, step inside the passage with the cells by going along to the right, shortly after the grate, by the first light bulb, look up to the ceiling when in the middle part to spot the sack at 53N 712685 UTM 3416021.
  4. In the passage where three baddies meet, the one after you used the giant red crate to climb up onto the walkway above them, head over to the door you bypassed. The sack is dangling above it, at 53N 712707 UTM 3416019.
  5. Before heading up the climbable wall with your axe, turn to the other side of the passage and look up for another sack, at 53N 712706 UTM 3416027.
  6. In the chamber where the Solarii are gathered, upon entering and meeting the single guard, look up for the sack at 53N 712697 UTM 3416031.