The Hidden City (Level)

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The Hidden City (Level)
Shadow of the Tomb Raider
Section Peru
Length (*)
Location The Hidden City
Level Chronology:
Path to the Hidden City The Hidden City (Level) Eye of the Serpent

The Hidden City (Level) is the eleventh Level in Shadow of the Tomb Raider, taking place in The Hidden City.


Upon entering Paititi, Lara Croft finds a boy entrapped in a snare. When he is being attacked by warriors sporting the Trinity emblem on their outfit, she kills them and frees the boy. He turns out to be Etzli, the son of Queen Unuratu and heir to the throne of Paititi. Mother and sone are leading a revolt against the Cult of Kukulkan. They allow Lara to enter the city, but are somewhat wary towards her. After being clad in a local outfit to disguise her she follows the two to the market.



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  • Join Unuratu in the Market District
  • Meet Etzli at the Base of the Mountain
  • ...
  • ...