The Acropolis

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The Acropolis


Country Siberia
Games Rise of the Tomb Raider

The Acropolis are a location in Rise of the Tomb Raider. Lara visits here when she leaves the Geothermal Valley for the first time, where she also returns to after she is finished with the Acropolis. It is the seventh location discovered in the game.


All the Remnant that are too young, old, or weak to fight have been gathered by Sophia in the Acropolis, but now Trinity is threatening to find them. As we have seen the don't take prisoners, so Lara sets out to warn them of the impending peril.

When she reaches the gates of the Acropolis she only finds abandoned supplies and decides to follow the trail through the mountain. There she discovers the Remnant bazaar, but it, too, is abandoned and there are clear signs of a fight here. Soon she discovers a group of Remnant that have been taken prisoner by Trinity soldiers, but she is too late: The get executed before her eyes. After getting rid of the soldiers she navigates the old cellars and finally locates Sophia and some Remnant. This time she is able to rescue them from their captors.

After overcoming a blocked door with her newly acquired Grenade Arrows she follows the fighting uphill and finally discovers a shot down helicopter and the tower. In its catacombs the remaining Remnant have hidden themselves, waiting for rescue. Lara is able to get rid of all the remaining soldiers.

Finally she returns to the Geothermal Valley via another path through the mountain.


On first play-through there are four Levels that take place at this location: Into the Acropolis, Reach the Tower, Rescue Mission, and Back to the Forest.

Base Camps

There are three Base Camp at this location: Tower Courtyard, Riverside Landing, and Remnant Bazaar.