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Mark Willard
Died In 1998
Meteorite Cavern, Antarctica
Nationality Scottish
Occupation Company owner of the RX Tech
Game(s) Tomb Raider III

Dr. Mark Willard is a character of Scottish descent, who Lara meets in India in Tomb Raider III.

She meets him on a boat on the Ganges, after taking the Infada Stone from Tony, in the Caves of Kaliya. After explaining the story involving the HMS Beagle, he tells her that there are more artefacts like the Infada stone - the Meteorite Artefacts. He hires Lara to retrieve them in the South Pacific, in London and in Nevada.

Willard owns a company called RX-Tech, presumably a drilling and mining company, especially interested in meteorite fragments. He was the one to find the grave of Paul Caulfield, the sailor from the HMS Beagle who was killed in an attack by a wild wolf, in Antarctica. RX-Tech have uncovered the Lost City of Tinnos and the Meteorite Cavern. Willard and RX-Tech had to mine underneath the ground since the cave which the sailors had entered the cavern, was collapsed.

From a Radio speech at the opening of Tomb Raider III he is referred to as Mark, hence several references to Dr. Mark Willard.

As Opponent

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When Lara meets Willard at his base in Antarctica, to hand him the artefacts, he reveals to her their true powers and the true potential of the Meteorite. Lara is apalled by his intentions (which remind her of what Natla once planned to do) and decides to stop him, yettries to shoot her and escapes with the artefacts into the RX-Tech Mines. Lara can follow him, but he has disappeared from sight. She meets him again by the impact crater in the Meteorite Cavern. Willard throws himself into the crater and emerges as Willard Mutant, warped by the unleashed energies.

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