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The Tomb Raider Timeline


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Story Timeline

  • Unknown time BC
A large meteorite falls in Antarctica, devastating the surrounding area and forever changing the climate of the continent. Its radiation causes accelerated evolution and abundant life growth despite the harsh climate. (relevance: Tomb Raider III)
  • Unknown time BC
After a battle between the God of the Sun Horus and his uncle Seth, Seth is locked away inside the Tomb of Seth. (relevance: The Last Revelation)
  • Unknown time BC
A tribe of Polynesians discovers the meteorite in Antarctica and starts worshipping it, building a great city around it. They craft 5 Meteorite Artifacts, which possess mystic powers. The tribe leaves in terror after mutations start occuring in their newborn. (relevance: Tomb Raider III)
  • 12th Century
The Lux Veritatis, a secret society set out to suppress evil, are formed as off-shot of the Knights Templar. (relevance: The Angel of Darkness)

  • 1400s
The Lux Veritatis hide the Obscura Paintings by having them painted over with religious imagery by Brother Obscura. The artist created secret copies of the paintings, the Obscura Engravings which hold clues to where the real painting was hidden. (relevance: The Angel of Darkness)
  • 1445
The Lux Veritatis claim to have defeated the black Alchemist Pieter van Eckhardt. They lock him up in a prison for the next centuries. (relevance: The Angel of Darkness)

  • 1547
The Croft family is granted the title and rights to Abbingdon, Surrey by King Edward VI. (relevance: Tomb Raider Legend)
  • 1563
The head of the O'Connor family, who lived at Lotte Castle, Mulroony O'Connor died and the rest of his family turned against each other. (relevance: Comics, Tower of Souls)

  • 1651
A young girl vanishes less than one mile from a cemetery in New York, where Sara Pezzini and Lara Croft research the disappearance of an elderly couple in November 2002. (relevance: Comics, Endgame)
  • 1659
The Copps Hill Cemetery in Boston, where (over 300 years later) Lara will witeness the discovery of the Lucifer Text, is opened. (relevance: Comics, Without Limit)
  • 1834
A group of sailors on the HMS Beagle discover four of the Meteorite Artifacts in a cavern while exploring the coast of Antarctica. (relevance: Tomb Raider III)
  • 1884
General Gordon is send to the Sudan to solve problems with the Mahdi. On March 18th Gordons troops lie siege to Khartoum. (relevance: Novels, The Amulet of Power)
  • 1885
Khartoum falls on January 26th and Charles Gordon dies in the process. Five Months later the Mahdi dies as well. (relevance: Novels, The Amulet of Power)
  • 1945
After 500 years of imprisonment Eckhardt can escape from the Lux Veritatis, taking one of the three Periapt Shards - the only weapons that can actually kill him - with him. (relevance: The Angel of Darkness)
In April a German submarine carrying the Spear of Destiny sinks. (relevance: Chronicles)
  • 1968
On February 14th Lara Croft is born in Wimbledon, London.
  • 1971
Lara begins private tutoring.
  • 1972
On June 26 Kurtis Trent is born in Utah Salt Flats in the United States. (relevance: The Angel of Darkness)
  • 1977
On the way home from a skiing trip, Lara's plane crashes in the Himalayas. She survived alone in extreme conditions for 2 weeks.
  • 1979
Lara enrols at Wimbledon High School for Girls.
  • 1984
At the age of 16 Lara accompanies Werner VonCroy to Angkor Wat in Cambodia to retrieve the Iris. (relevance: The Last Revelation)
Lara explores the haunted island off the coast of Ireland. (relevance: Chronicles
Lara is sent to boarding school at Gordonstoun, Scotland.
  • 1985
On May 15th Lord Richard Croft went missing. (relevance: Movies, Lara Croft: Tomb Raider)
This could also apply to the games, although Natla killed him. (relevance: Underworld)
  • 1986
Lara enrols at Swiss Finishing School.
  • 1987
Kristina Boaz survives a plane crash but is scarred for life. (relevance: The Angel of Darkness)
  • 1990
Lara inherits her Surrey mansion and butler from her Great Aunt. (relevance: Tomb Raider)
  • 1995
Lara travels to Rome, Italy to meet with Larson and Pierre DuPont and hand over the Mercury Stone. After she's decided otherwise - which was probably the idea from the start - she sets out to find the Philosopher's Stone (relevance: Chronicles)
Lara comes face to face with the famous Bigfoot on one of her travels. (relevance: Tomb Raider)
  • Before 1996
Lara discovers the Ark of the Covenant which she later displays in her mansion. (relevance: Tomb Raider)
  • 1996
After being hired by Jacqueline Natla to recover one part of the Scion Lara sets out to find the other missing pieces and stop Natla from misusing them. (relevance: Tomb Raider, Tomb Raider: Anniversary)
  • 1997
Lara follows the trail of Marco Bartoli to find the Dagger of Xian. (relevance: Tomb Raider II)
Following a hint in an old newspaper from 1945 - a faded photograph showing an Inuit Whalehunter holding what looks like an ancient Golden Mask - Lara travels to Melnikov Island in the Bering Sea to find The Golden Mask of Tornarsuk at a secret kind of fortified military minebase. (relevance: The Golden Mask)
Lara invades Von Croy's New York-office building to steal the Iris they found in Cambodia over ten years ago. (relevance: Chronicles)
  • 1998
Lara searches for The Meteorite Idols (Infada Stone, Ora Dagger, Eye Of Isis, Element 115 and Hand Of Rathmore in India, the South Pacific Islands, London, Area 51 and France. (relevance: Tomb Raider III)
Lara recovers The Spear of Destiny from a sunken German submarine. (relevance: Chronicles)
  • 1999
Lara travels to Egypt in search of The Amulet of Horus. When collecting it she sets free the evil Egyptian god. (relevance: The Last Revelation)
  • 2000
Lara goes missing in Egypt, presumed dead. (relevance: The Last Revelation, Chronicles)
  • 2002
In November Lara Croft and her friend Sara Pezzini research the disappearance of an elderly couple on a New York cemetery. (relevance: Comics, Endgame)
  • 2003
Following a call of her former Mentor Werner von Croy Lara travels to Paris where she is framed for his murder. She then sets out to find the Obscura Paintings and stop Eckhardt from reviving the Nephilim. (relevance: The Angel of Darkness)
  • 2006
After being tipped off by a friend, Lara discovers a stone dais - something she has seen before, when her mother disappeared in Nepal - at a temple ruin in Bolivia. Following the trail of James Rutland and her former friend Amanda Lara sets out to find sword fragments that will form the legendary sword Excalibur. (relevance: Tomb Raider Legend)
After the events of Tr: Legend, Lara is curious to know about the truth of Avalon and her Mother's disappearance and whether Amanda Everet's speech about Avalon and her mother's transport there was real or not, she follows her father's footsteps according to Professor Eddington.
  • 2009
Lara went beneath the Mediterranean Sea to find what her father believed to be Avalon. After finding 'Nifelheim', Lara searches the interior of the tomb and finds one of Thor's Gauntlets. After being attacked by one of Amanda's mercenaries, Lara sees that the mercenary also stole the gauntlet. She managed to take it back though when she attacked Amanda's ship which imprisoned the still living Natla (who she killed in original Tomb Raider and the remake Tomb Raider Underworld.
In Thailand, Lara discovers that her father already owning the second gauntlet which he kept under the manor.
After collecting the second gauntlet, Lara's doppelgänger destroyed the manor and killed Alister. Nevertheless, she continued to Mexico to collect Thor's Belt. Afterwards, she continued to Arctic and succeeded to collect Thor's Hammer which she used later to forever eliminate Natla.