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Lucifer Text

The Lucifer Text is an artefact in the Top Cow Tomb Raider Comics.

After the loss of Chase Carver in the jungle of Honduras, Lara travels to Boston, Massachusetts, USA to set his affairs in order at Bayside Savings and Loan and to attend the so called Copps Hill Event, at Boston's oldest Cemetery, to witness the digging up of the ancient book known as the Lucifer Text, which according to legend holds the power to raise the dead.

Walter Chemiski, a noted Archaeolostist from Boston University, who is leading the dig believes that the Lucifer Text can be found inside the casket of an alleged witch that was buried at the Copps Hill burial ground. When digging up the casket his team finds a chest with the book inside.

When Lara arrives at the scene, she warns Chemiski of the dangers the book poses, but he calls Lara an uneducated fear monger. Lara tries her best to convince him, telling him that the part that has been left out of the legend is, that the book only works on those who died at the hands of evil, restless souls. The professor opens the book nonetheless and the dead begin to rise. Lara saves the day by citing from the book and putting the spirits to rest again.

As passes the storm 'neath god's eye, as life becomes dust, swept by rambling winds, I command thee listen and obey, for the word is truth and truth is thy master. By design of bealzebub or wish of god let those once mourned as lost rest again, no more to answer evil's cost.
from Tomb Raider: The Series Vol. 1, Issue 15