Spear Of Destiny

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Spear Of Destiny
Found 1998
Barents Sea, Russia
Game(s) Tomb Raider Chronicles
Level Found Deepsea Dive

The Spear Of Destiny is a magical spearhead and an artefact that Lara pursues during one of the stories in Tomb Raider Chronicles.

This artefact contains untold power. Power the likes of you could never harness. If you wish it, you may have it. But you will regret it.
Lara to Sergei Mikhailov about the Spear Of Destiny[1]


The spear originally was found by the Nazis, and it was being transported on a U-boat but the power of the spear caused an explosion which sunk the U-boat.


In the year 1998, Lara recovered the Spear Of Destiny from the German U-boat ruins, after infiltrating a Russian submarine, whose crew were also searching for the spear. When Lara was forced to hand the spear over to a Russian gangster, Sergei Mikhailov, the volatile power of the spear also caused an explosion on the Russian submarine which sank afterwards. Lara escaped but the spear sank with the submarine.

Lara probably did not attempt to retrieve the spear from the Russian wreckage of the submarine after witnessing its tremendous ability to destroy.


Bright, shiny head of a spear.


It supposedly made an army invincible when wielded. The power from the spear however was very volatile and uncontrollable. Hence the spear would cause explosions if its power was disturbed.

Historical Precedent

The real Spear Of Destiny - also known as the Spear of Longinus and the Holy Lance - is one of very few artefacts in the Tomb Raider game series to be based on Christian beliefs - it is supposedly the spear taken from Jesus' side when he died on the cross. Whether it truly exists is unknown - although many people have 'discovered' it over the years, only to be disproved and have it dismissed as a hoax.

After WW2, a popular rumor abounded that Adolf Hitler had instigated the conflict to acquire the spear, or that the successes of the German Military during the early years of the war could be attributed to his already owning the spear. It was later rumored to have entered into American or Russian hands after the war or that it was even buried by the Nazis in Antarctica.[2] Tomb Raider Chronicles seems to explore this theory and base its Russia levels on it.


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