Sergei Mikhailov

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Sergei Mikhailov
Tr5 sergei mikhailov.JPG
Died In 1998
Russian Submarine, in Barents Sea near Russia
Nationality Russian
Occupation Mafia boss
Game(s) Tomb Raider Chronicles

Sergei Mikhailov is a character in Tomb Raider Chronicles.

He is a corrupt Russian mafia boss, who has bought Admiral Yarofev's submarine with its power and services. Mikhailov's goal is to find the Spear of Destiny and use it to his evil purposes.

His desire to obtain the artifact is in the end what becomes his demise. As Lara returns to the admiral's submarine with the spear, which she has taken from another, sunken submarine, Mikhailov is waiting for her with his goons. He takes the spear from Lara, despite her warnings. The powers of the Spear of Destiny overwhelm him, and he is destroyed.

  • Mikhailov: Ah, our unannounced visitor! I fear you have an item in your possession that I require.
  • Lara: To be used in your continuing quest for world peace, I presume?
  • Mikhailov: World peace, not entirely my purpose in pursuing this artefact...
  • Lara: This artefact contains untold power. Power the likes of you could never harness. If you wish it, you may have it. But you *will* regret it.
  • Mikhailov: The world may regret it. Hand it to me and I may spare you.
  • Lara: On your head, be it.
Conversation between Lara Croft and Sergei Mikhailov[1]


  1. In-game dialogue between Sergein Mikhailov and Lara Croft during the cutscene after the level Deepsea Dive in Tomb Raider Chronicles