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A Lead Editor is a person working on this wiki who has special privileges. They decide which changes are made to the wiki (e.g. new categories, changes on info boxes...) and they supervise certain areas of WikiRaider.

Becoming a Lead Editor

You can also become a Lead Editor, if you work hard on WikiRaider and fulfil certain criteria, including extensive knowledge of a certain area within the Tomb Raider universe.

If you like to become a Lead Editor, you can contact tombraidergirl. Before you can become a Lead Editor however you need to have a bit of history on working with us. At least 6 months of working on WikiRaider or any other qualification, like being a long term member of our partner forums, a contributor to or a known member (known by us) of the Tomb Raider Community.

Current Lead Editors

tombraidergirl (WikiRaider Admin)[1]