The Strahov Fortress

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The Strahov Fortress
The Angel of Darkness
Section Prague Section
Level No 8
Location Czech Republic, Prague
Level Chronology:
The Monstrum Crimescene The Strahov Fortress Bio-research Facility

The Strahov Fortress is a level from The Angel of Darkness. It's the second level in the Prague Section. The location of the level is, as the name indicates, the Strahov - a large industrial facility in Prague owned by Pieter van Eckhardt and patrolled by armed guards.


Lara has gained access to the Strahov with the help of the reporter Luddick. There she must find out more about what's going on around there.


Lara is moving in the ventilation shafts and sees how Luddick is being dragged into a small room by Marten Gunderson. Pieter van Eckhardt is already there, omniously waiting.

  • Luddick: You can't keep me here. My paper will miss me if I don't report in.
  • Gunderson: Found him skulking around in the loading bay. Must have got a pass code.
  • Eckhardt: Close the door on you way out Gunderson.
  • Luddick: I have records on you Eckhardt! You can't hurt me!
  • Eckhardt: If only there was time for us to read them together. But it's too late now, there are things - to be done.

Eckhardt touches Luddick, who starts to glow blue light, as if he was electrocuted. The bloody sign of the Monstrum is drawn on to the wall. Luddicks burning body is left sitting on a chair as Eckhardt leaves.

Lara has found the room where she turns the power off in the Strahov. She takes a closer look at the blueprint of the complex and notices a red "Biohazard" mark on a Bio Dome.

  • Lara: I wonder what needs that kind of security to keep it in. Wouldn't you know it. My route goes through that Bio Dome. It's a long way round, unless I can shut the power off to that section.

Lara flips a switch that turns the power off on sections labelled "Loading Bay", "Bio Dome", "Sanitarium" and "Proto".

  • Lara: That's it. Better get moving whilst the grid's down.

End Cutscene

As Lara has turned the power off, we see how it affects in the room where the Proto is being held. A Strahov Guard is panicking, trying to get the power back on by pressing different buttons on a control panel. He hears the Proto growling and notices that it's broken free from it's container. Other Strahov Guards are quickly climbing up a ladder, trying to run to the safety of the control room. But their fellow guard locks them out, and sees how his co-workers are attacked by the vicious Proto.


  • Find the security control room


Artefacts & Keys




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Traps & Obstacles


Obstacles, Triggers & Puzzles

Typical Scenery of the Level


Lara must infiltrate the Strahov to gain access to the Bio Research Facility, which requires the dispatch of numerous guards and shutting down of power to the building. There is ample opportunity for stealth in this level.