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Shiva Statues
Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Weapons 6 swords
Weakness Chest, when not covered by the swords

Shiva Statues enemies are found throughout the Temple Ruins level of Tomb Raider III.


Huge black figures with 6 swords held in their hands.



If Lara shoots at the Shiva Statues, they will guard their bodies with their swords. She cannot harm them in this case. She has to provoke them to open their arms again.

In some cases it might be clever to stand in a doorway or on a wall while shooting at them. Generally you can beat them, while shooting at them and jumping backwards.


Similar Enemies

Another enemy that's first an immobile statue and then comes to life when triggered, appear in Tomb Raider II
Another enemy that's first an immobile statue and then comes to life, appear in Tomb Raider Chronicles

See also

Artefacts left behind by two Shiva Staues


  • Not all of the Shiva Statues that appear in the level come to life and attack Lara, some are just decorations.
  • Towards the end of the level Temple Ruins Lara comes across a room with three Shiva Statues. Two of them come to life and after they're defeated, they leave behind two Scimitars. These have to be placed on the third Shiva Statue to open a gate nearby.


There was some concern at the time of the game release that the use of a Hindu deity as a "baddy" might cause offence to Hindus. [1]


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