VCI Guards

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VCI Guards
Tr5 VCI guard.JPG

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Weapons Handgun

The VCI Guards are enemies in Tomb Raider Chronicles.



Since they aren't as heavily armoured as the VCI Soldiers, the guards will die in regular gunfire. However, killing them has to be done in a way that it doesn't catch much attention on most cases, because otherwise more guards will come and maybe a Sentry Gun is activated, too. In Escape with the Iris level there's a chance of using Chloroform soaked cloth against an unsuspecting guard. The guards are armed with regular handguns.

Similar Enemies

Very similar to other guards appearing in Tomb Raider Games

See also

Harmless workers, that will occasioanlly make VCI Guards when Lara aims her HK Gun at them.

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