13th Floor

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13th Floor
Tomb Raider Chronicles
Section VCI Section
Level No 11
Secrets 3
Location USA, New York
Level Chronology:
Old Mill 13th Floor Escape With The Iris

13th Floor is the 11th level in Tomb Raider Chronicles and the first of the VCI Section. Lara enters the Von Croy Industries (VCI) building in order to find and retrieve the Iris artefact.

This is the first level where Lara does not have the dual pistols with unlimited ammunition and must rely only on the HK rifle. The HK has three modes: sniper, burst and rapid. Sniper mode shoots one round at a time, burst rapid shots of five rounds while rapid mode constant shots. The HK has a mode similar to the laser sight. Lara is guided through radio by her assistant Zip throughout the level.


Winston, Father Dunstan and Charles Kane enter Lara's trophy room and reminisce about the artefact which lead to the heroine's conflicts with Von Croy - the Iris. Sitting on a skyscraper, we see Lara talking through her headset to Zip, her assistant. While thinking of a way to get inside the VCI building, Lara uses her hang glider, swiftly lands on the right building and falls through a shaft.

She then attempts to take the Iris for herself without raising any alarm, but is faced with VCI armoured soldiers and various traps, which makes removing the artefact a challenge. The heroine successfully infiltrated levels 13 and 16 of the building and disables the force field around the Iris. After taking the artefact, Lara tries to find a way to escape the VCI.


Traps & Obstacles



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