Escape with the Iris

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Escape with the Iris
Tomb Raider Chronicles
Section VCI Section
Level No 12
Secrets 3
Location USA, New York
Level Chronology:
13th Floor Escape with the Iris Red Alert!

Escape with the Iris is the second level in the VCI-section and the 12th overall level in Tomb Raider Chronicles. It has 3 secrets. At he beginning of the level, Lara must leave her guns behind as not to trigger any gun turrets. A big part of the level must be played without any guns. Lara will rely on chloroform to pass by enemies or by simply being stealthy.


Lara has found the Iris, but must escape out of the heavily-guarded VCI building. Zip plays a big part in this level as he gives Lara advices and clues on how to bypass certain obstacles.

Cut scenes

There are seven cut scenes in this level, most of them being dialogues between Lara and Zip.

First cut scene: Lara is advised to leave her weapons behind. She places her HK sniper on a tray.

Second cut scene: Zip tells Lara to find a way out but not by stairs or elevators.

Third cut scene: The camera flyby- there is a guard near Lara

Forth cut scene: Lara uses the chloroform on the guard.

Fifth cut scene: The elevator falls down, but Lara acts quick and survives. Zip tells her to make her way up to the other floors.

Sixth cut scene: Zip informs Lara that the VCI people are using welders and will reach her soon. There are also two motion detectors near the door, so he advises her to walk.

Seventh cut scene: From safety, Lara sees a guard that types in a combination on a keypad. Zip suggest that she uses her binoculars to zoom in on the pad.


  • Make your way through the building and deactivate the X-ray machine
  • Shoot the extinguisher and enter the fire escape