VCI Workers

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VCI Worker
Tr5 vci worker.JPG

Tomb Raider Chronicles

Enemy Type Regular Enemy
Classification Human
Distinctiveness Harmless unless threatened with HK Gun
Weapons none/Sentry Gun

Among the VCI Guards that carry deadly weapons, the VCI workers are simple labourers. They appear in the level The 13th Floor.

These workers pose no threat to Lara, unless she aims her gun at them. They will duck for cover and this activates a machine gun turret on the ceiling, if there is any available in the area.

At one point in order to proceed in the level, Lara has to decide whether to kill a VCI Worker or force him to help her when she encounters a door that needs two people to open it. Zip advices her not to kill, but the decision is up to her. However, if Lara chooses not to kill the worker, she'll miss one golden rose.