Tomb Raider II Characters

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The following Characters appear in Tomb Raider II.

Winston is Lara's butler and is seen in the Lara's Home level. He follows Lara around, carrying a tea tray. He's not very talkative and can be locked in the freezer in the kitchen of the manor.
Marco Bartoli is the head of an organization called the Fiamma Nera (Italian for Black Flame). He is the son of Gianni Bartoli, following the footsteps of his father in trying to find the Dagger of Xian.

Gianni Bartoli, the father of Marco Bartoli, has been long dead by the time Tomb Raider II takes place. When following the trail to the Dagger of Xian he had gotten as far as obtaining the Seraph when the ship he travelled on, the Maria Doria, was sunk by monks of the Barkhang monastery.

Claudio is one of Bartoli's men. Lara meets him at the entrance to the Temple of Xian at the end of the level The Great Wall, where he sacrifices himself for the cause.
Fabio is another of Bartoli's men.
Eros is a member of the Fiamma Nera, Marco Bartoli's organization. He knocks out Lara aboard the sea plane.
Brother Chan is monk from Barkhang Monastery. He is a part of the Barkhang brotherhood who continue to keep the dagger secret by guarding the Talion, the key to opening the Temple of Xian. He was kidnapped and killed by Bartoli.