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The Story for Tomb Raider Chronicles consists of four independent sub story lines strung together by the storytelling of Winston, Charles Kane and Father Bram Patrick Dunstan.

It is a cold dark rainy day, the memorial service for Lara Croft over, Charles Kane, Winston and Father Dunstan retire to Croft Mansion. As they collect their thoughts, they reminisce about Lara's past adventures... Meanwhile hundreds of miles away Werner Von Croy co-ordinates the frantic dig searching for answers buried deep beneath the Egyptian desert...
Tomb Raider Chronicles booklet

Memorial Service

In the pouring rain stands a statue of Lady Lara Croft, a plate at the foot of the statue reads LARA CROFT ONCE AND FUTURE ADVENTURER, FOR HER..

Winston gets into a limousine, where Father Dunstan is awaiting him. They are taken back to Croft Manor. A news show is running in the background. In world news, a private memorial service was held today for renowned archaeologist Lara Croft.

  • Father Patrick: 'Tis a sad day, Winston.
  • Winston: She will live on forever in our hearts...
  • Father Patrick: Surely, Winston, and for this is but a memorial service. There may yet be news from Von Croy in Egypt.
  • Winston: Indeed. We can only hope and pray that she may yet return to us. But I fear Von Croy digging in the hopes of discovering her alive may only be met with black reality.
  • Father Patrick: Indeed. Indeed.

At Croft Manor Part 1

Winston, Charles Kane and Father Patrick walk in the dark manor, which is lit by some candles. It's raining outside, the sound of thunder breaks the silence alonside with the sound of the three men's footsteps.

  • Winston: To the study, gentlemen, where we may pontificate over the day's disheartening events.

Winston invites the other men to follow him.

  • Charles Kane: [As Winston is opening the door to the study] Indeed, my friend. Even the heaven's cry out.

Charles Kane and Father Patrick sit around a table in the study. Charles picks up a stone artefact from the mantelpiece.

  • Winston [While heading towards Charles Kane and Father Patrick and carrying a tea tray]Ah, the Philosopher's Stone. One of Lara's early conquests. And one of her most challenging pursuits, if my memory serves me.
  • Father Patrick: And Rome still bears the scars of that little episode.
  • Charles Kane: Ah, she was never one for diplomacy, Lara. But she certainly knew how to paint the town red.

The Philosopher's Stone

Lara is sitting in an opera house in Rome, seated up on a balcony, and watching the show through binoculars. Larson arrives.

  • Larson: [tapping Lara on her shoulder] Well, gol' darn, ain't she just a picture?
  • Lara: Ah, the charming Mr. Larson. Has Pierre let you off the leash? Talking of which, where is our learned friend?
  • Larson: Aw, he's around. You got the cash?
  • Lara: I've got the cash, but I don't deal with the monkey.
  • Larson: [Laughing] Well now, that ain't polite for a lady... even if the monkey has the Mercury Stone?

He shows her a glowing yellow gem. Lara picks up a black briefcase, filled with money.

  • Lara: Lucky I'm in a generous mood.

Pierre emerges from the shadows and points a gun at Lara’s head.

  • Lara: Ah, crawled out from under your rock, I see.
  • Pierre: [Taking the briefcase from Lara] No need for unpleasantries, Miss Croft. I'm afraid I must once again relieve you of your burden.
  • Lara: Easy come, easy go.

Pierre prepares to leave with the briefcase and Larson, but Lara places her hand on the railing. Like a true gentleman, Pierre bends to kiss her hand. All of a sudden Lara punches Pierre in the face, forcing him and Larson to take few steps back. Lara stands up, heads towards them and kicks Larson, making the stone fly away from his hands. She catches it and leaps onto the balcony railing. Then she jumps out over the orchestra and grabs the curtain as the audience gasps loudly. She slides down to the stage where the spectators applaud and start throwing roses. Lara bows then runs offstage while Pierre starts to fire gunshots. Pierre and Larson run downstairs after her.

  • Larson: [As he's running down the stairs with Pierre] It ain't over 'til the fat lady sings!

Lara runs out of the building by the stage door and hops onto a deliveryman's scooter. Larson and Pierre get into an empty taxi and chase her. Larson and Pierre manage to bump Lara’s scooter a couple of times with their car.

  • Larson: [As he's driving] Buckin' bronco, baby!

Lara makes a sharp turn to the right to a narrow alley. Seeing the end of a narrow alley, Lara jumps of the bike and slides under a low metal gate.

  • Larson: We ain't gonna make that gap, boss.
  • Pierre: We'll make it.

Lara’s holding on to the bars of gate with a mischievous smile on her face.

  • Larson: Ain't gonna.

As Larson predicted, they crash into the gate. Lara has taken a few steps back and watches their crash. The bruised duo starts to argue a bit.

  • Larson: What did *I* tell you?
  • Pierre: Mon Dieu!

Lara blows them a kiss and walks off.

Lara has made her way to a garden like area. She approaches the Philosopher's Gate taking a closer look at the heads of the Serpent Gargoyles. She places the Mercury Stone to its receptacle and hears crumbling on a rooftop behind her. She turns around, aiming her pistols to the rooftop.

  • Lara: Rodents, I wouldn't wonder. *Big* rodents.

It turns out that Larson has apparently almost fallen off from the rooftop. Pierre has grabbed his hand and now helps him back up.

  • Pierre: [Mumbles, as he’s pulling Larson up] Imbécile…

Larson aims his Revolver at Lara. Pierre stops him at the last second by punching Larson’s hand. The revolver fires a single, loud shot.

  • Larson: What?!
  • Pierre: Idiot... idiot! What does the cowboy achieve with this mindless firing?
  • Larson: Ain't mindless.. ain't we tryin' to kill'er anymore then?
  • Pierre: You were kicked in the head by a horse, oui? So the brain doesn't work correctly...
  • Larson: How'd you know about that?
  • Pierre: Never mind, never mind... We'll wait 'till she collects the other pieces, it this fashion we have both prizes at no extra efforts.
  • Larson: You're one clever cookie, boss.
  • Pierre: Comparatively, yes. Now, let's get off this roof, and I will buy you a milkshake.

Lara visits a temple behind the area which has the Philosopher's Gate and by solving a small puzzle she gains access to a little room where the Saturn Stone waits. As she returns from the temple to the Philosopher's Gate, Pierre comes around a corner. Lara points him with her pistols.

  • Pierre: Come, come, Lara. We're all friends here.

Pierre snaps his fringers and makes a gesture as welcoming Lara to step forward. Larson’s hand appears next to Lara’s head, he’s aiming her with his Revolver.

  • Larson: [holding a revolver to Lara's head] Begging your pardon, ma'am, but if you'd like to put them pea shooters away.

Lara holsters her pistols, Larson shoves her towards Pierre.

  • Pierre: Now, the second stone if you please, Miss Croft.
  • Lara: Come get it.
  • Pierre: Hmm, it's an even too late in the evening for these games. [Points Lara with a gun] Larson, search her if you please.
  • Larson: [comes closer to Lara] Well, god darn if I don't get all the best jobs.
  • Lara: [As Larson frisks her] You want to try the backpockets?

As Larson is reaching towards Lara’s behind, she knees Larson between his legs. Larson falls to the ground, groaning in pain.

  • Pierre: Larson.. Enough! Enough! My patience is exhausted with this childish nonsense! The stone, Miss Croft.
  • Lara: [While handing the stone over to Pierre] If you put this into that gate, Pierre, you're going to get a lot more than you bargained for. Trust me.

Larson takes the stone before Pierre gets it and marches straight to its receptacle.

  • Larson: I'll put it in then.
  • Lara: That would be one of the stupidest moves you've made and that signs something. I think you'll appreciate.

Pierre starts to hesitate as Larson places the Saturn Symbol to its place in the gate. He looks towards Lara and Pierre because nothing has happened yet.

  • Pierre: A nice try as always, Miss Croft.
  • Lara: Wait for it.

The ground starts to shake, Larson has a hard time trying to keep his balance. Fire spits out, a noise sort of like an explosion is heard. Lara covers her face as this happens. Turns out that apparently the heads of the Serpent Gargoyles spat fire at Larson, and lit his pants on fire.

  • Lara: Don't say I didn't warn you.

Pierre rushes to Larson, who's grunting while trying to put the flames out.

  • Pierre: What is it? What have we done?
  • Lara: In your usual flamboyant style, you have set in motion the next gate phase.
  • Pierre: Next gate phase?
  • Lara: If my memory serves me, the gate has realigned itself. And if it does not receive two stones in the next few moments, pow. [She makes an impression of an explosion with her hands] If I was you, I'd grab your Cro-Magnon cowboy over there and run as fast as your little legs can carry you. Au revoir, mon chére.

[Lara walks calmly away]

At Trajan's Markets Lara has to find the two remaining God Stones: Mars Stone and Venus Stone. While searching for them she encounters the Laser Head and a Bronze Statue. The former guards the Mars Stone and the latter guards the Venus Stone. After Lara has retrieved them she returns to the Philosopher's Gate via a pool at the side of the garden.

  • Lara: [With her pistols ready, looking around] Come out, come out, where ever you are.
  • Larson: [Coming out from behind a corner] Hey, this ambushin' ain't what it used to be.

[Larson aims his revolver towards Lara]

  • Lara: Not when you're involved, no.
  • Larson: Practice makes perfect, I'm reckonin'.
  • Lara: Whatever. We seem to be missing someone.
  • Larson: If you talkin' about Frenchy, he's kinda... Indisposed.
  • Lara: And you thought you might just help yourself to his share of what's behind that gate. Unless of course, this is just a social visit.
  • Larson: Well, you know I'm always pleased to see a little bell like you, Lara. The more pleased to see that last stone, though, if you'll be wantin' to hand it over.

[Lara starts to shoot at Larson, who dashes to take cover]

  • Larson: That ain't supposed to happen.

After Lara has won the gunfight against Larson she steps towards him. Larson is on his knees, tired by the fight, in front of the Philosopher's Gate, under the heads of the Stone Serpents. Lara is aiming at him with her pistols. The Stone Serpents start to move.

  • Lara: Larson, behind you!
  • Larson: I may be a dumb man, but I ain't falling for that again.

The Stone Serpents move even further away from the wall, Lara is taking steps back, still aiming with her pistols.

  • Lara: No, really, behind you!
  • Larson: [Making fun of Lara's warnings] Behind you, behind you.

Larson finally notices the serpents and tries to avoid them, but fails. One of the serpents grabs him and tosses him across the garden. Larson screams in terror and falls dead to the far end of the garden. Lara is left alone to battle against the Stone Serpents.

As Lara has fought against the Stone Serpents, she is finally able to place the remaining two God Stones to their places in the Philosopher's Gate. When all of the stones are placed, the Philosopher's Gate reveals a cave. At the far end of it Lara sees a wall that has turned into gold around a red stone – the Philosopher's Stone. As she gets closer to it, the floor collapses underneath her and she slides further into the depths of the cave.

The caves turn out to be The Colosseum and various enemies wait Lara there, like Lions and Gladiators. Lara finds two pieces of a Gemstone in the caves. After gathering the last piece of it Lara ends up falling along a chute. Eventually she ends up hanging on an edge of a deep pit. Then Pierre appears to stand above her, holding out his guns.

  • Pierre: Umm... An unfortunate situation, non?
  • Lara: I've had worse.
  • Pierre: Indeed, indeed. This is a very deep pit and in this such a historic venue I feel sure there may be valuable artifacts lurking in its depths.
  • Lara: I can't tempt you to... Jump down and look.
  • Pierre: Well, this is my point: I feel you may be better qualified to examine its secret. Unless you, perish the thought, expired in the fall. Uhm, perhaps if you lighten your load a little, it may lessen the impact. The stone you carry?
  • Lara: Wondered when you'll get to that. Pull me up and the stone is yours.
  • Pierre: And we all live happily ever after? I think not. Give me your word that once you leave the pit you will not lay a finger on me.
  • Lara: You have my word.

Pierre helps Lara up, but she makes a clever move: as Pierre helps her up, she goes to the spot where he used to stand and now it’s Pierre who is standing next to the edge of the pit.

  • Pierre: Uhh... Stone?

Lara doesn't make any move to give him the stone. Instead, she walks closer to Pierre, forcing him to get closer to the edge.

  • Pierre: Now, now, Miss Croft. You gave me your word!

Lara walks right in front of Pierre

  • Pierre: [Noticing how close he is to the edge] Come now, Lara. Lara! You promised!

Lara leans really close to Pierre.

  • Lara: Boo!

Pierre falls but he manages to grab on to the edge. Now he’s in an exactly same situation as Lara was. Lara takes out her pistols and starts to walk away from Pierre, leaving him alone.

  • Pierre: Uh, could you find it in your heart to help me up? I appear to be slipping!
  • Lara: Pierre, you know nothing would please me more, but we have an agreement.
  • Pierre: Agreement?
  • Lara: Not to lay a finger on you, remember silly? Anyway, busy girl, got to go.
  • Pierre: But... I... Aaaahhh!

He can’t hold himself up anymore, so he falls into the pit sceraming while Lara is walking away. A thud can be heard when he hits the ground.

  • Lara: Don't let me hold you up.

Lara then succesfully reaches the Philosopher's Stone after fighting against the Silver Statue.

At Croft Manor Part 2

Lara examines the Philosopher's Stone in her hand. Then we're back at Croft Manor, where Winston, Charles Kane and Father Patrick continue reminiscing about Lara and her adventures.

  • Winston: [While placing the Philosopher's Stone on the table] And so ended the first of many. I'm sure Miss Croft would be the first to apologize for her not entirely courteous behaviour regarding some of the more delicate religious artifacts. Father Patrick?
  • Father Patrick: No need, my friend. All in a good cause. At least we knew they were in secure hands. And fortunately the church was above sending a bullet-proof envoy to retrieve them.
  • Charles Kane: Ahh, but she recognized her place in the great scheme. Some things, as history has illustrated, best left to their slumber...

Winston and Father Patrick change curious looks at each other and lean towards Charles to hear more.

  • Charles Kane: I speak in riddles. I talk of the striken wolf ship.

He points towards a painting on a wall potraying a submarine.

  • Winston: [Nodding his head] Ahh, the U-boat episode. Miss Croft would never enlighten me as to the details. For my own protection she would often stress.
  • Charles Kane: Indeed, Winston. And for this you should be grateful.

His voice narrartes events shown in a submarine:

  • Charles Kane: Deep in the bowels of their vessels lay one of the most powerful artifacts in all Christendom. An artifact which when wielded at the vanguard of an army, would make that army invincible.

Men are walking along the corridors of a submarine. Inside one room, behind a steel door, there’s a wooden box that starts to glow and shake.

  • Father Patrick: [Gasps] The Spear of Destiny
  • Charles Kane: But the boat never reached the fatherland with its precious cargo. It disappeared from radar three weeks into the journey.

In the submarine armed men are listening some kind of radio signals, and look at bright, white light bursting beneath a door. The men start to fire in terror, they fall dead to the floor and the mysterious light from the artifact causes an explosion.

  • Charles Kane: And so, this was the resting place of the fifty-two seamen. And also something much more sinister.

The Spear of Destiny

It’s a dark, snowy night in Russia. Lara and Charles Kane have arrived to hill with Snowmobiles and are looking towards a harbour, Lara’s using a pair of binoculars.

  • Charles Kane: The Zapadnaya Litsa port. Once the pride of the Russian fleet.

Lara sees through her binoculars that two cars enter the heavily armed base.

  • Charles Kane: Ex-KGB the majority of them. Trained killers.
  • Lara: Dealt with Mafioso before... unpleasant memories. Prefer to avoid them whenever possible.
  • Charles Kane: Yes, I would prefer this also.

Through the binoculars she observes the presence of only a few small boats.

  • Lara: Hardly a major search party, is it? There's something you're not telling me.
  • Charles Kane: Ah, yes.
  • Lara: I'm a big girl now. Hit me with the bad news.
  • Charles Kane: It is... bad news. The admiral's allegiance has been bought and under his command a nuclear submarine. It's housed in one of the dockyards.
  • Lara: Well done. Nuclear submarine... sounds nice... perfect holiday.

Lara starts to head towards the port, but Charles Kane stops her.

  • Charles Kane: Lara, wait. Take this tracking device.
  • Lara: What's this? You're not worried about me.
  • Charles Kane: Yes. Someone has to.

He hands her the tracking device.

  • Lara: Touching... but don't wait up.

Lara takes the device and runs off to the port. As she leaves, Charles kane decides to leave too and drives away with a snowmobile.

At The Base Lara makes her way to a room that appears to be a cargo loading area. There She sets off an alarm. A worker tries to kill her by using a Mechanical Claw. Lara uses the crates to get to a room where the worker is. After a brief gunfight she kills the gurd and uses the claw to open a heavy door for her.
Through the newly opened door Lara makes her way to an outside area where she overhears a conversation between a mafia boss and the admiral of the submarine.

  • Mikhailov: Move your men along. I do not pay such extortional prices for incompetence.
  • Admiral Yarofev: You forget, Mikhailov, I am still an admiral of the Russian navy, and as such, demand respect.
  • Mikhailov: While you accept my bribes for use of the submarine, you are under my employ and will follow my instructions without complaint.
  • Admiral Yarofev: If I deal with the likes of you to keep my men in bread, it does not make me one of you.
  • Mikhailov: [Laughs and pats Yarofev to his shoulders] Relax, my friend. We are two sides of the same coin.
  • Admiral Yarofev: [in a low voice] Mafioso filth.

The Admiral faces one of his men, who is on the submarine loading it up.

  • Admiral Yarofev: Kruschev, hurry on with that box. Our new commander demands efficiency.

A box is lowered into the sub. The men who are loading the cargo wave at the admiral.

  • Admiral Yarofev: Enough! Enough! Board and seal hatches!

Lara gets the idea of getting to the submarine. The Mafioso and Yarofev prepare to board.

  • Mikhailov: [While climbing down the ladders to the submarine] As you have promoted me to commander, is it not fitting to board before the admiral?

Lara uses a crane to get onto the deck of the submarine. She then sneaks behind some crates and fights a sailor on the deck, knocking him unconscious. She runs into the cargo hold. The doors are then heard swinging shut.

  • Lara: Hmph. Economy class.

Several hours later, Lara is resting against a crate. The door in front of her suddenly swings open. Admiral Yarofev enters, escorted by two armed crewmen.

  • Admiral Yarofev: An unwelcome addition to our little assignment. Leonid, if you would escort this lady to the brig...

The two crewmen approach her from both sides and pat her down, then wave her forward. As they do so, Lara addresses Yarofev.

  • Lara: Your little assignment? You have no idea what your Mafia-financed assignment is, do you?
  • Admiral Yarofev: Young lady, who you are and what you know is of very little concern to me. If I was captain of my ship, I might listen to you. But unfortunately, the situation I find myself in doesn't allow me this privilege.

The Admiral moves to allow them passage, moving his arm as if welcoming her in.

  • Admiral Yarofev: So if you would be quiet and hurry along like a good little girl...

[Lara, the Admiral and the two crewmen move to the brig. A crewman unlocks the door.]

  • Admiral Yarofev: Inside, please.

A crewman pushes the open, Lara enters soon after.

  • Lara: You are making a grave mistake, you know that?

The door slams shut, and the two crewmen now stand to the side of the door. Yarofev begins to address them.

  • Admiral Yarofev: Under no circumstances open this door! You understand?

The crewmen salute. As Yarofev turns to leave, they glance to each other.

The unarmed Lara is locked to a room filled with bunkbeds in The Submarine. She takes a broken handrail and uses it as a Crowbar, prying open a hatch. Having escaped the brig, Lara moves through the sub's ventilation shafts, which provide her a handy way to visit storerooms. Passing a grate in the vent, she looks through spies Mikhailov and Yarofev in the command room. Mikhailov is looking through the submarines periscope.

  • Mikhailov: Then it is true! We are before the stricken U-Boat. Now to find if it's cargo is still intact. Prepare your divers.

[Mikhailov pulls the periscope up and turns to Yarofev.]

  • Admiral Yarofev: And are we to be told what we are searching for?
  • Mikhailov: Enough to locate it, da, but beyond that I fear it may be too much for your limited intellect to grasp.
  • Admiral Yarofev: Perhaps to much for mine, trusted comrade. But perhaps not for the spy we have located on-board.
  • Mikhailov: A spy?! I trust you disposed of him?
  • Admiral Yarofev: Not Him! Her! You idiot! We are forced to run with the wolves, but we shall not kill indiscriminately like they.
  • Mikhailov: Fool! I shall dispose of her some other time. Move the sub to position quickly, comrade!

Admiral Yarofev looks through the periscope.

  • Admiral Yarofev: Take her five degrees to starboard, quarter power then bring her to a full stop.

Yarofev pulls the periscope up and speaks through loudspeakers giving directions to his crew.

  • Admiral Yarofev: Attention all dive crews! Report to your stations immediately!

Lara continues her travels in the ventilation shafts. She comes up to the submarine’s kitchen and knocks the cook unconscious with her Crowbar. This way she get’s a Bronze Key, which she uses to get inside a room where she finds Pistols.
With newly found weapons she continues her serach in the submarine. Lara decides to get the Spear of Destiny before the Russians. To do this she has to find the missing Agualung and Battery for the Suit Console that’s placed to an Extreme Depth Suit.

She dresses up to the suit, walks to a hatch and exits the submarine.

Lara is up for her own Deepsea Dive, and tries to locate the sunken U-Boat. A Mechanical Diver fires torpedoes at her, if she is spotted. After some diving the U-Boat is finally found.
Lara, equipped in the Extreme Depth Suit, enters the sunken U-Boat and finds a crate. Moving to the crate, she opens it and recovers the Spear of Destiny.

  • Lara: Ahhh...Who could believe it?

As she puts the spear in a compartment in her suit, the submarine suddenly shifts. A heavy beam falling from the ceiling strikes the suit, damaging it.

  • Lara: Puncture! Time to leave.

The whole submarine starts to crumble and collapse. Lara quickly makes her way out of there and heads back to the admiral’s submarine. She enters submarine, taking off the damaged Extreme Depth Suit and taking the spear from the compartment on the suit. As she does so, Mikhailov arrives with two Mafiosi.

  • Mikhailov: Ah, our unannounced visitor! I fear you have an item in your possession that I require.
  • Lara: To be used in your continuing quest for world peace, I presume?
  • Mikhailov: World peace, not entirely my purpose in pursuing this artefact...
  • Lara: This artefact contains untold power. Power the likes of you could never harness. If you wish it, you may have it. But you *will* regret it.
  • Mikhailov: The world may regret it. Hand it to me and I may spare you.
  • Lara: On your head, be it.

[Lara throws the spear to Mikhailov, who catches it and holds it close.]

  • Mikhailov: Take her to the torpedo room, and eject her into the ocean.

[One of the Mafiosi holsters his guns, approaches and grips Lara by the arms.]

  • Lara: Sergei, listen to me! You don't know what your dealing with!

As Lara is lead away, Mikhailov begins to stroke the spear, paying no heed to her words. As the three of them exit the room, Mikhailov suddenly lets out a scream. The spear's power has lifted him off of the ground. Bolts of power strike at him, causing smoke to rise from his body. Lara looks on, when an explosion suddenly erupts and the room goes dark. Using it as a distraction, Lara knocks both Mafiosi unconscious as the sub begins to fill with water.

In the Sinking Submarine Lara finds Admiral Yarofev, injured, sitting against a wall in a water-logged room. Lara approaches to kneel by his side.

  • Admiral Yarofev: [in a low, slurred voice] I knew that dog Sergei would be the end of us all. He infects my ship with his greed and now, we are all doomed.
  • Lara: We have a chance, the escape pod! C'mon, I'll help you!
  • Admiral Yarofev: I do this only to help my men. He babbles of the Biblical spear and I feed his madness for money to feed our families. And now. To this. Corpses left for the fishes.

Lara grips Yarofev by the shoulders, shaking him to get him to pay attention.

  • Lara: Yarofev! I can help you! But you must help me. The ship is about to impact into the ocean bed and then our time is up. We must hurry!

Yarofev lets out a loud cough.

  • Admiral Yarofev: The escape pods have no internal air supply. You will find oxygen tanks in the state room. I hear my ship dying. The internal seams are splintering.

With the help of Yarofev’s instructions Lara finds the tanks that the escape pod needs. She returns to Yarofev after inserting the oxygen tanks into the escape pod. She goes to Yarofev's side, who promptly swats her away, saying something in Russian.

  • Admiral Yarofev: No time! The hull is breached and we will drown soon. With the oxygen. You, escape. Now!
  • Lara: Not without you.
  • Admiral Yarofev: I am Admiral Yarofev of the Russian Imperial Navy! I have served my great country for many years. But the country I know withers, the bear lies down to sleep for it's final time. And I wish also this fate, on the ship I have grown to love.
  • Lara: No deal.
  • Admiral Yarofev: Yes, deal! For the outer airlock can only be opened from inside the ship. This is my gift to you child. I release you to a future beyond this dying vessel.

[Lara kneels down next to him.]

  • Lara: And my gift to you?
  • Admiral Yarofev: Tell my story. Tell how the proud men of the Russian Navy fought against the enemy from inside and sacrificed their lives for that their country may once again stand proud!

Lara stands.

  • Lara: You have my word.
  • Admiral Yarofev: I salute you. Quickly, into the airlock! And I release you.

Lara ascends the nearby ladder to the escape pod, but not before looking down to the Admiral one final time.

  • Lara: Goodbye Admiral.

Lara ascends the ladder.

The scene fades in on the hull of the submarine. Admiral Yarofev sits in the stricken ship, wounded and holding his chest. As the escape pod carrying Lara streaks away from the sub, the power of the spear approaches the wounded Yarofev. He looks on in horror as the power approaches, tbe escape pod continuing to race away. The power overwhelms him, and the submarine suddenly explodes. Charles Kane stands in his ship and sees a blip on his radar. Grabbing a rifle, he goes out on deck and aims at the pod, only to see Lara. The scene then fades back to the group in front of the fireplace, with Charles Kane standing and gazing out of a window.

At Croft Manor Part 3

Charles Kane gazes through the window to the storm.

  • Charles Kane: Lara saw enough of the power of this artefact to recognize it's rightful place was where man could never misuse it.
  • Father Patrick: And not enough for it to destroy her. Some powers are beyond the wit of man.

A sudden flash of lightning is seen and a crack of thunder is heard. The power goes out at the manor.

  • Winston: Oh dear, gentlemen. I do apologize. It seems someone up above has a sense of humour. If you will excuse me for a moment, I shall fetch candles.

Winston gets up from his seat.

  • Charles Kane: It is a night spurred by hell.
  • Father Patrick: And as the horsemen drove ever onwards across the world, the heavens boiled at their wake.

Charles Kane turns to face Father Patrick.

  • Father Patrick: Ah. The benefits of a religious education.

Father Patrick and Charles Kane are both looking outside to the rain through a window next to each other, as Winston is getting the candles.

  • Father Patrick: This night reminds me of the time out at Connussie.
  • Charles Kane: Winston's home?
  • Father Patrick: Indeed, yes. The staff had taken leave due to flooding. Lara, back when she was a slip of a girl, was staying with Winston and his wife. It was her who contacted me as a matter of fact. Some trouble out on one of the islands: weird lights, manifestations as sort of things.

A big, bright lighting hits the garden ground. The camera cuts to a house in Ireland showing a country house. Father Patrick’s voice narrates the events shown there.

  • Father Patrick: Thought I might be able to help. It was on the heaviest night like this when I arrived...

The Bestiary

In Connussie, Young Lara is in her room, starting to change for bed but she stops when she hears the squeaking of the door as Father Patrick arrives to Winston's home.

  • Father Patrick: Evening Winston. And how would I be able to help?

He and Winston sit together facing each other at a table

  • Father Patrick: So, people have been seeing these apparitions out on the island?
  • Winston: There's talk of little else in the village, Bram, and I'm doing all I can to keep this gossip from Lara.

Lara listens their conversation secretly by slightly opening her room's door.

  • Father Patrick: You would be a wise man. It would be unwise for her curiosity to draw her to that place.
  • Winston: And you have some idea of what it could be?
  • Father Patrick: To be frank with you, no. But as the devil finds work for idle lands, I've spoken with Father Finnigan and have a boat charted for the crossing, late on this very evening.
  • Winston: [astonished] Good Lord, Bram! You have not chosen the evening for it.
  • Father Patrick: I have my faith to protect me, Winston.
  • Winston: Be careful. I fear on that island is what you cannot see, it will hurt you, Bram.

Lara closes the door quietly.

  • Father Patrick: Time to get to the bottom of this, old friend.

Father Patrick stands up to leave outside to the rain, Lara jumps out of her bedroom window. The boat leaves, Father Patrick waves goodbyes to Winston, who is on the dock. Lara is hiding on the boat under a tarpaulin. The boat heads towards a rocky island, the Black Isle. Father Patrick waves to the boat as it leaves. He opens a secret door in the mountain rock, Lara sees it from where she has climbed.

Lara has followd Father Patrick and approaches the Gallows Tree area, she's a bit startled by the sound of a bell in a nearby tower. She comes closer to a tree, a hanged demon with a hole in his chest appears.

  • Hanged demon: Come, child... Come closer for I have gifts for thee.
  • Lara: I'll stay where I am.
  • Hanged demon: [Laughs] Fear not this visage. It is but a vessel for my troubled spirit. Come closer, for you are safe while I am hung like so much butcher's meat.
  • Lara: Who... are you?
  • Hanged demon: Who? Hmm... for it is more like 'what'. Comdemned to wander between the kingdoms of man and that of the elementals. But I must be swift in my request... For they watch and wait to once more draw me back into the darkness.
  • Lara: Request?
  • Hanged demon: My heart, girl. They have hidden my petrified heart in the roots of this, the World Tree, down under the watchful gaze of the dragon Nidhogg. Find this, my child, and return it to its rightful resting place... And you shall be rewarded...
  • Lara: And why on Earth should I trust... you?
  • Hanged demon: Not on Earth, girl, in between... [laughs] My soul is gone and how it fares, nobody knows and nobody cares.

The demon disappears, his laughter echoes in the night.

Lara heads to a small quest to find the demon’s heart. She makes her way further to the island by firing rocks with her Catapult at a chain that holds up a Bell. The [[Bell tumbles down and by breaking some boards it reveals an entrance to another area. Lara soon finds out that there are harmful Little Demons on the island. She finds a cave with a room that has roots on its ceiling. It’s the World Tree where the demon’s heart is. After getting the demon's heart by burning the roots surrounding it, a door opens. Lara slides down and carefully looks in to the revealed room, she hears Father Patrick speaking. As he speaks, Lara comes slowly closer.

  • Father Patrick: [speaking to a demon in a very deep pit] Go back to your slumber. This is but a child, and she shall not cross your path as you shall not cross her path.
  • Demon in the pit: Come closer for so often it is easier to be brave from distance.
  • Father Patrick: I'm here now and I have a gift for you, you cantankerous of a worm.

[He raises his hand and drops something to the pit, the demon in there screams.]

  • Demon in the pit: Argh! Noo! Cursed you priest! If you live till doomsday, you shall burn a week longer than the world! I swear!
  • Father Patrick: [turns to face Lara] Iron... Never found a demon that doesn't burn at its touch.
  • Lara: What was... in the hole?
  • Father Patrick: In there? Nevermind that. What on Earth are you doing here? No, don't bother. We'll get on to that later. Right now we need to get you to somewhere safe until the morning. That assuming you'll stay in one place, young lady.
  • Lara: Nothing with demons, right?
  • Father Patrick: Well, I can't promise anything on this God-forsaken place. I'll light the way and clear out any unwelcome guests. Now, once you're out, head to the chapel over the bridge. I'll meet you there. And forgetting me manners, don't speak to strange things. And if there's anything around, and trusting the skills in this area, there shoudn't be, iron, girl. Use iron to repel. See you on top, keep your wits about you.

Father Patrick leaves the room.

After completing the Labyrinth level's maze with a monster and finding the Bestiary, Lara enters a room with coffins. She goes inside one coffin with a passageway, and tumbles down into a room. There's white-haired Father Patrick, who's clearly startled by Lara's sudden entry.

  • Father Patrick: Good Lord, girl, it's me. I've enough on my plate, but don't you make me jump out of my skin.

[Father Patrick helps Lara up.]

  • Lara: Your... hair...
  • Father Patrick: What about my hair?
  • Lara: It's... white.
  • Father Patrick: Hmm... Aye, that'll be right. I was detained by some unpleasant fellas down below, gave me quite a fright. That's why I wasn't in the chapel, but I can see you kept yourself busy. Anyways, let's get you outta here and back to safety.

They exit the room.

Lara and Father Patrick are walking on a road at theOld Mill.

  • Father Patrick: Right, young lady, I'm going to have a quick look around for a safe place to put you. Now you stay put, or you'll be banging into something that'll make your hair turn white. And we wouldn't be wanting that, wouldn't we?
  • Lara: Father, I found a book in the Labyrinth.
  • Father Patrick: You've been sight-seeing in there as well? Good Lord, allmighty girl, I've be needin' to chain ye to somethin'.
  • Lara: It has protective symbols, maybe you could use them?
  • Father Patrick: Perish you for the thought, but I have enough protection from Him above. And for that diagram to be any good, you'd have to draw it out to be sitting in the middle of it. And you know something, I've left all my coloring pens at home tonight. Now, you'd be doing me a big favor if you were to stay put. Before you bang into something bigger than you.
  • Lara: Stay put, right.

Instead of staying put Lara investigates her surroundings. The demon horseman Verdilet appears and he and Lara have a brief encounter. The demon chases Lara, who manages to avoid getting struck by Verdilet’s sword. Unfortunately Lara trips, and the demon disnounts his horse and approaches her. Verdilet lifts her up , throws her to the end of a road and rides away.
Lara heads to another direction and finds a piece of chalk. She returns to the same road where Verdilet appeared and starts to draw a symbol from the Bestiary to the road. Verdilet appears again and tries to strike Lara with his sword. Father Patrick rushes to save her and Verdilet knocks him unconscious. Lara sees how Verdilet rides away with Father Patrick on his horse.
To save Father Patrick Lara goes to the yard where the Old Mill is.

Verdilet barges out from a barn with Father Patrick laying on his horse, Lara is standing further away.

  • Verdilet: [holding Father Patrick and moving a sword closer to his neck] Who is this who stands before me? The first to visit me in my prison, seven hundred years past.
  • Father Patrick: Seven hundred years? All alone in a barn! Huh, those winter nights must have just flown by.
  • Verdilet: Silence, ignorant heretic, or I'll behead you!

Verdilet throws Father Patrick to the ground.

  • Lara: Leave him be!
  • Verdilet: [laughs] For the child has spirit. But what is that when this island is littered with the bones of holy men? My gift for them, for the rest spirit is obstructing me from claiming my rightful inheritance.
  • Father Patrick: And this inheritance, I wouldn't wonder, would be someway to explain why you're walking and breathing when you should be gone long past.
  • Verdilet: The inheritance is the gift of eternal life, containd withing an ancient scroll, concealed by the dullard Abbot and his cohorts. The scroll which draws forth pale demon blood through my veins. I am no longer man, I am one for the earth and one for the above gaping abyss of Hades.
  • Father Patrick: So why stay on the island? Came for the holiday and fell in love with the scenery?
  • Verdilet: Hold your yapping tongue for won't I clip it! [kicks Father Patrick] Boils and plagues plaster over this island and its treacherous inhabitants! For it was they and their pox bitten abbot who plotted to incarcerate me in this dungeon hall for an eternity! I, Vladimir Kaleta, who worshipped in the first Kremlin, who butchered the Swedes and the Lefsky on the banks of the River Neva. Incarcenated within this prison of flowing water!
  • Lara: Running water! You're trapped here by running water!
  • Father Patrick: Demons cannot cross running water.
  • Verdilet: Indeed, the abbot's final trick before I was transformed. [He lifts Father Patrick back on to his horse] And you shall find a way to shore up the stream, for your holy man shall be opened up and gutted like life stock!

Verdilet rides back into the barn and the doors slam shut.

Verdilet’s words make Lara realize that to get him out of the barn and save Father Patrick, she has to shut down the current. After managing to do so, Verdilet barges out again from the barn, this time growling in triumph.

  • Verdilet: Your child has done her job well and I taste freedom for the first time in an eon! You now fear me? For you have served your purpose well, holy man. And for this should I excercise mercy as a god might?
  • Father Patrick: Now, that'd be nice, but I'm not holding my breath.
  • Verdilet: [holding Father Patrick from his throat] Yes... I shall spare and secure for you a fate worse than death! For when you pass beyond this world, heaven shall no longer welcome you for you have released a demon!
  • Father Patrick: [pats Verdilet's shoulder] My faith will protect me from feckless lesser demons as yourself.

Verdilet knocks Father Patrick unconscious and throws him against a barn door.

  • Lara: Father!
  • Verdilet: [turns to face Lara] Ah! The child. I shall snuff out her life as a candle.

Verdilet starts to walk towards Lara.

  • Father Patrick: The book... From the library...

Lara starts to back out.

  • Father Patrick: The names... Read out the names...

[Lara takes the Bestiary from her backpack and opens it.]

  • Lara: Askgroth, Aquill, Aranqula, Belial, Bucom, Boliath... Help me!
  • Father Patrick: Keep reading, Lara, you're almost there!
  • Lara: Camos, Masteflou...

Verdilet is right in front of Lara, raises his sword, but Father Patrick jumps into his back. Lara trips and drops the Bestiary. Verdilet throws Father Patrick off his back, he's again about to hit Lara, who has opened the book again, with his sword.

  • Lara: Verdilet!
  • Verdilet: How is this? I move to strike and yet... cannot!
  • Father Patrick: You've done well, girl. Before you ask, I'll tell. The book you've got, I myself was looking for it. But as i couldn't find it, assumed you had it. And lucky you did!
  • Lara: But how?
  • Father Patrick: If you name a demon, you have power over him. And you named him. It's your shout, Lara.
  • Verdilet: For this you shall burn for eternity! I shall drown you in a mire of your own entrails before I squeeze!
  • Lara: Be quiet!
  • Father Patrick: What you reckon we get out of this God-forsaken place, and go get a nice cup of tea with Winston. Almost forgotten, would you be wantining to wave goodbye to our little friend? [laughs]
  • Lara: Back to where you belong!

Verdilet disappears, the Bestiary is left right to the same spot on the ground. Lara and Father Patrick leave the Old Mill.

Lara and Father Patrick are on a boat heading away from the Black Isle.The rain has stopped, a bit of sunshine is seen in the horizon as the Black Isle has calmed down.

  • Father Patrick: And you have learned a few valuable lessons from that, I'd be thinkin'?
  • Lara: You'd be thinkin' right, Father.

At Croft Manor Part 4

All three men are once again together around the table. It’s time for the last story.

  • Father Patrick: Her curiosity was eventually her failing.
  • Charles Kane: The path she chose was the path she loved. And for this we should celebrate, not grieve. Although I fear for Von Croy, pursuing his inner demons, driven half to madness in his quest for her final resting place, he will not find peace in himself until this is complete.

The camera shows Von Croy in Egypt for a short time. He’s at the same pyramid that collapsed down, sealing Lara inside. Then it's shown how Winston, Father Patrick and Charles Kane walk along a hallway. Charles Kane is lighting the way with candles.

  • Charles Kane: Ah, the infamous trophy room. And you'll be doing the acrobatics to enter, Winston, yes?
  • Winston: [turning a lamp that's actually a lever that reveals the entrance to the trophy room] Miss Croft did enjoy her little games.

The three men enter the room and walk straight to a glass cabin, which is covered with a red cloth.

  • Winston: [pointing one glass cabin] And here it is, gentlemen. The artifact which lead to the animosity between Miss Croft and Von Croy. [reveals the Iris] Ending ultimately in this terrible business.

The Iris

Zip is sitting in a van filled with electrical devices and screens. Some of the screens show the Iris, some show the views from the surveillance cameras in the Von Croy Industries building.

  • Zip: [speaking to a headset] Okay, Miss Croft, I'm presuming, by the lack of communication that you're in position. Facing the Von Croy Industries building, right? Containing our little prize - the Iris?

Lara talks through her headset. She is on top of a tall building with a hand glider, in position to glide to the VCI building.

  • Lara: Affirmative.
  • Zip: Right! Now this is what you're good at, yeah? Time to switch roofs.
  • Lara: Switch roofs? Easy to say from the ground floor. Wouldn't you agree?
  • Zip: C'mon now! Stiff upper lip! Top hole and all that! Time to get hip with Zip!
  • Lara: Gone.

Lara hang-glides to the roof of the next building, but the flight is disturbed by strong wind. She starts to loose control but soon regains it. Zip hears a high-pitch sound in his headset

  • Zip: Yow! Jimi Hendrix is back! Lara? You there, Lara? Croft, are you gettin' this?

Lara starts a descend alongside th building wall with a rope.

  • Lara: Fly me.
  • Zip: Geez, now that was a blast! What the hell happened?!
  • Lara: Never mind Yankee, I'm going in.

Lara hops back on her rope, shoots at a round hatch and as it opens she slides along a chute into the building's air ventilation shafts.

Lara lands to the ventilation shaft in the 13th Floor contacts Zip via her headset.

  • Lara: I'm in.
  • Zip: Okay, let's see what you can do. Follow the vent to the main corridor. You've come in at the 13th floor, unlucky for some.
  • Lara: Unlucky for them.. Any welcome party?
  • Zip: That's you job, girl! I ain't no x-ray-vision superhero!
  • Lara: I've noticed the last bit.
  • Zip: Oo, you're so sharp you gonna cut yourself! Just remember, the less attention, the better, you dig?
  • Lara: Thanks, but that though *had* crossed my mind.
  • Zip: Just makin' sure you're at the ball, lady...
  • Lara: Enough talk. Contact me if you see anything.
  • Zip: Whoo, that girl got one bad attitude!

As Lara travels through the shafts she looks into a room below from her position. There is a suit that belongs to a VCI Soldier.

  • Lara: You getting this?
  • Zip: I'm gettin' too much of that! looks like the Hulk on steroids!
  • Lara: You want to tell me what it's doing here?
  • Zip: Couldn't be sure. I bet the VCI is working on some new suits for the military...

A VCI Soldier enters the room, presses a button and guns appear hanging on a rack. The soldier takes two, looking around.

  • Zip: And that's sure as mum's applepie ain't no civilian protection!
  • Lara: Can't argue with that. And the guns?
  • Zip: Well, my picture ain't all that clear but it looks like low-frequency laser weapons. Limited range. If you get in the way of one, then they'll have to take you out in a plastic sac.
  • Lara: I get the picture.

Lara crawls out to a hallway from the ventilation shafts. A guard is seen sleeping at his desk.

  • Zip: Check it out, man! No regards for company security! Sleeping like a baby... Somebody could just slide in and slip that ID card from right under his nose. Somebody slinky, that is...

Lara makes her way through deeper into the building after getting the ID Card from the sleeping guard’s desk. She arrives to a control room where there are two slots for Access Code Disks. The door leads to a room near the place where the Iris is stored.

  • Zip: Now this ain't gonna be easy. This door operates on that patch you've got, but it needs two inserted at the same time.
  • Lara: Meaning what, exactly?
  • Zip: Meaning, against your better judgement, try not to go killing that guy. 'Cause we need him, yeah?

After passing the door the camera shows an overview of the Iris room. Zip commets the view via the headset.

  • Zip: Whoo! You get a spider job in there and it's toast!
  • Lara: Find me some way to turn this off.
  • Zip: Don't get your... knickers in the twist. I'm on the case!
  • Lara: What I have to work with...
  • Zip: Don't knock it, lady! I'm your eyes and ears.
  • Lara: More of those and less of the lips, would be perfect...

Next thing to do is to Escape with the Iris as Lara has managed to succesfully steal the artifact. She arrives to a hall accompanied with a corridor with scanners. Zip contacts Lara and warns her about what’s ahead.

  • Zip: Ok, you've been a bad girl, and before I tell you what your punishment is, I just want to say that there's no point in arguing 'cause I ain't gonna be listenin'. Take all your metal items-- yes, guns is metal... and put 'em in the tray. Now!
  • Lara: So, you're telling me to disarm myself in a building crawling with armed guards?
  • Zip: Now if I was listening, which I ain't, like I told you before, I would counteract this argument by alerting the person asking me this to the fact guns ain't good against ten foot tall walking tanks anyway! But I ain't listening, so I ain't sayin' nothin'.
  • Lara: I'm doing it. But if you mess this up...
  • Zip: Alright, I'm listening again. And trust me, I ain't going to mess this up, okay?
  • Lara: Do I have a choice?
  • Zip: Nope.

Lara enters the elevator shafts and enters an elevator. The elevator starts to fall but Lara survives by activating the emergency brakes. Zip is startled by what could have happened and desperately calls out for her to find out whether she survived or not.

  • Zip: Lara are you there? Lara? Lara! You broke? You ain't dead, is ya? C'mon girl, answer me!
  • Lara: Gonna be sore in the morning...
  • Zip: I knew you was too tough for a fall like that.
  • Lara: I'm on the ground floor, aren't I?
  • Zip: Bing! Ground floor: depart here for gun-toting refrigerator men and long walk back upstairs. Sorry girl, you got it, but hell, you in one piece, ain't ya?
  • Lara: [Coughing] Never felt better.

Lara isn’t aware that her visit to the building has been noticed. A guard walks along a hallway to a door.

  • Guard: Permission to enter, sir. I have important news on situation regarding the intruder.

The door opens and the guard enters a room where Von Croy, sitting in a wheelchair, and his associate are waiting.

  • Von Croy: [coming closer] And?
  • Guard: It... It seems that she has managed to evade my men and remove the Iris, sir.
  • Von Croy: Incompetence! Where is this intruder now?! Or have you mislaid her once more..?

[Von Croy's associate lowers a huge screen by pressing a button and they both take a closer look at the intruder.

  • Guard: Last visual contact in the lobby, sir!
  • Von Croy: Last visual contact?! So, you have lost her again. Find her! Find her, now!
  • Von Croy's associate: All exits are blocked. There's no need for these histrionics. Do we have identification yet?

The huge screen shows material from the surveillance cameras as Lara is in an office room.

  • Guard: Only visual, sir!
  • Von Croy: No need. I know who the intruder is... Lara Croft.
  • Von Croy's associate: Aah, your past once more comes to haunt you, Werner, foolish boy. No matter, she will not escape. Place the building under full alert!

Red Alert is set to the building, making Lara’s espace more difficult. She makes her way upper towards the roof as she tries to avoid getting killed by guards, Cyborgs and gunfire from the VCI Helicopter. Finally Lara emerges from the VCI building to a rooftop. Armed gunmen are chasing her, but Lara manages to jump to her hand-glider and glides off. Lara evades the bullets, and succesfully jumps off on the next roof. The gunmen don’t look so happy as they’ve failed in their mission to get rid of Miss Croft.

At Croft Manor Part 5

Father Patrick, Winston and Charles Kane are toasting for Lara as they’ve spent the whole evening remembering her adventures.

  • Charles Kane: To absent friends.
  • Winston: Indeed.
  • Father Patrick: May God rest her soul.

The camera cuts to Egypt, where Von Croy is still searching for Lara. He’s looking at a pile of rocks from a pyramid, but his thoughts are interrupted by a boy who runs to him.

  • A Boy: [running] Mister Von Croy! Mister Von Croy! Come quickly!

Von Croy leans towards the boy and together they walk to another pyramid. The boy grabs a lantern and leads Von Croy down some stairs in to the dark depths of the pyramid. They come to a room, some sort of a decorative coffin is in the back of it. Several men are digging there.

  • Von Croy: [To the digging men] What is it men? What have you found? Pass it to me... Pass it to me!

One of the men passes Lara's backpack to him. Von Croy raises it in his hands, a slight smile spreads to his face.

  • Von Croy: We've found her!


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