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Found 1984
Black Isle, Ireland
Game(s) Tomb Raider Chronicles
Level Found Labyrinth
Level Used Old Mill

The Bestiary is an artefact found in the level Labyrinth in Tomb Raider Chronicles.

It is a book that contains a list of the names of all demons that exist and it also has protective symbols on it. Father Patrick Dunstan travels to the Black Isle to look for the Bestiary, but Lara finds it before him. [1] Lara later needs the book to name the demon Verdilet who had taken Father Patrick Dunstan hostage. The Bestiary was left in Ireland at the very spot where Verdilet disappeared. It is unknown if she kept the book afterwards.


A Bestiary (also known as Bestiarum vocabulum) is a compendium of beasts. Bestiaries were popular in the Middle Ages, especially ones with pictures depicting various animals, birds and other beings of nature - even rocks. Nowadays there are Bestiaries about creatures in fantasy books and role-playing games. [2]


At the age of sixteen, Lara goes to the Black Isle, a remote island near Ireland. There she ends up to a Labyrinth and solving it makes it possible for her to reach the Bestiary.


A light coloured book with brown back and corners. Decorated with a symbol.


The Bestiary has protective symbols in it, and Lara uses their powers when she draws an Arcane Symbol with a piece of chalk on to a tile to protect herself from Verdilet.

And for that diagram to be any good, you'd have to draw it out to be sitting in the middle of it. And you know something, I've left all my coloring pens at home tonight.
Father Patrick on using the protective symbols from the Bestiary [3]

The main power of the Bestiary is that once you name a demon from it, you have complete control over the demon. Lara uses the Bestiary to name Verdilet and stop him from murdering Father Patrick. Then she demands Verdilet to disappear. These are just some of the examples of the power you can exercise over the demon once you name it.

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