Bram Patrick Dunstan

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Father Bram Patrick Dunstan
Fatherpatrick fmv.jpg
Occupation Priest
Game(s) Tomb Raider Chronicles

Father Bram Patrick Dunstan[1] is a character from Tomb Raider Chronicles.

He makes several appearances in the Irish levels. During these events his hair changes from brown to white, the Father claiming that this is because he was very frightened by a demon.

In the intro video we see him, Winston and Charles Kane, attending a memorial service for Lara Croft, after which they meet at the Croft Mansion to share memories of their adventures with Lara. When lightning causes the lights to go out, Father Patrick begins to tell his tale. He explains how he met Lara when she snuck away in his boat on the way to Black Isle. She was only 16 years old at the time and so Father Patrick decided to escort Lara to a church in order to keep her safe from the apparitions on the island. Unfortunately, events force Lara to continue her adventure and she soon reaches an Old Mill. In an attempt to protect Lara, Father Patrick ends up confronting the demon Verdilet. Lara eventually subdues him by reading his name aloud from the Bestiary and thus saves the Father's life. After Lara realizes that she holds control over him, Verdilet is ordered to "go back where he came from". The story ends with Lara and Father Patrick both leaving the island.



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