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Birth Name

Vladimir Kaleta

Born In Russia
Died Around 1284
Nationality Russian
Occupation Soldier
Game(s) Tomb Raider Chronicles

Verdilet (in life known as Vladimir Kaleta) is an undead demon horseman who has been trapped on the Black Isle off the coast of Ireland for at least seven hundred years.


Time as a Soldier (13th century)

According to what he tells Lara and Father Dunstan, Vladimir Kaleta was once a solider who "worshipped in the first Kremlin" - likely the Detinets - and fought at the Battle of the Neva under the command of Prince Alexander Yaroslovich.

Promise of Eternal Life (1284)

Some time around the year 1284, Vladimir was promised the gift of eternal life by a "pox ridden Abbot" by way of an ancient scroll. However, the demon was trapped when the Abbot tricked him into a barn surrounded by running water, which demons can not pass.

Attempt to Escape Imprisonment (1984)

Seven hundred years later, in 1984, Father Patrick Dunstan and Young Lara - investigating rumours of a demonic presence on the Black Isle - encounter the demon. First, Lara meets Verdilet after meeting up with Father Patrick. She is nearly decapitated as Verdilet rides by on his horse. Lara trips and falls, after which Verdilet dismounted and lifted Lara off her feet. However, Verdilet spares her, throwing her aside. The second time she encounters him, Lara is in the middle of drawing a warding spell (an Arcane Symbol) with a piece of chalk. The spell is either not completed, incorrect or not strong enough, as he leaps off his horse and attempts to kill her with his sword. Father Patrick saves her life, throwing her out of the way of the blade. Verdilet then turns his attention to Father Patrick, grabbing him and knocking him out then throwing him over his horse and riding off with him.

Lara pursues them, finding the barn, Father Patrick and the demon rider. Attempting to intimidate them both, he tells them his story and threatens several times to kill the priest. He then holds Father Patrick hostage, promising to release him only if Lara dams up the waters around the barn and thus releasing the demon. Otherwise, Verdilet threatens to "gut (Father Patrick) like livestock".

Navigating past varied dangers, including a malicious Sea Hag, Lara succeeds and shores up the stream around the barn. Verdilet does indeed spare Father Patrick, but does not give the same consideration to Lara. Advancing menacingly towards Lara, Father Patrick tells her to use a book she obtained in the island's library - the Bestiary - and read the names contained inside. Lara finds his name at the last second, causing him to freeze in place just as he moves to strike, ending Verdilet's new-found freedom.

Having spoken his name, Lara now holds control over him. He is ordered by Lara to "go back where he came from" and she and Father Patrick both leave the island.