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A Jump is a common way for Lara to get over a crevice or obstacle. Jumping is also a method to get to a higher point in a level.


Tomb Raider Classic

In the Classic games of the Tomb Raider Series jumping was tied to the block system used in the level design.

When simply pressing down, Lara will hop back a little less than one block length, meaning that when you hop back on a square pillar, Lara will remain on that pillar.
  • Jumping in Place
The most basic jump Lara can perform is jumping in place. When you just press jump (by default "Alt" on the PC or "Square.gif" on the PlayStation), Lara will jump straight up. She is able to reach up to a height of 7 clicks (where four clicks equal one square block). If pressing a direction while in the air Lara will land at a slightly different spot, this allows her to slowly get closer to an overhanging ledge she can't quite reach or hop onto a higher step of a set of stairs (1 click in height).
By pressing jump and up, Lara will jump forward. You can press left/right while in the air, to steer in this direction. A standing jump allows Lara to jump the length of two squares, if they have the same height and she performs a grab.
By pressing jump and down, Lara will perform a backflip.
By pressing jump and left or right, Lara will perform a sideflip to the left or right.
By hopping backwards and then pressing jump while running, Lara will jump off at the last moment, performing a running jump that will cover a longer distance than a regular jump. She can easily cross a gap of two squares and land on the third. When the gap is three squares wide and the height of the target is at the same height or higher grabbing the ledge with Action is necessary. When pressing left or right while in the air, you can perform a curved running jump that allows you to get past obstacles.
Mid-air Turn
The Mid-air Turn was introduced in Tomb Raider II.
The Sprinting ability introduced in Tomb Raider III brought along another new move that allows Lara to perform a low dive roll out of the sprint, which is useful in diving through closing doors. Tomb Raider IV: The Last Revelation expanded upon this move and introduced the Dive Roll to Crouching Position.


  • The button that is used for jumping is also used for diving.
  • Jumping forward is slightly faster than Running.
  • The Backflip covers a slightly longer distance than a Standing Jump forward.


The main difference between the classic and the Next Generation (LAU) games is that the environment is no longer build from blocks of a pre-defined size. For all kinds of jumps this has the consequence that Lara can jump any time without having to align to a block boundary first (Free Jumping). E.g. in the old games (or some Custom Levels) Lara would need to walk up to a ledge, take a backwards jump, and then a running jump forward to reach the ledge on the other side of a crevice. These restrictions have been lifted, as Lara now tries to automatically jump at the most appropriate moment.

Also, pressing jump several times in the three Legend era games will make Lara do Somersaults, especially if mixed with the Roll Button.

It is still possible for Lara to steer while in the air. Also, as a new feature, the Grapple can be used mid-jump to attach to special objects and swing over huge pits or do a Wall Run.

Reboot Games

For the Reboot Games from Tomb Raider (2013) onwards, the same basic principles apply as for the Next Gen Games mentioned above: The environment is still more natural and Lara's moves are almost completely governed by the in-game physics engine.

An important new jumping technique is the Wall Scramble which enables Lara to reach ledges that are higher up than she normally would be able to reach.

PRESS (x) to jump over obstacles.
PRESS (x) again to scramble up taller obstacles.
Shadow of the Tomb Raider, Survival Guide, PS4 Version

While the Grapple has been removed from Tomb Raider (2013), Rope Arrows have a similar function and can be attached to special rope covered objects in the game in order to swing forward; however this does not work while jumping, but needs some precise aiming. On the other hand Lara can jump towards ropes that are attached to posts to use them as a Zip Line or to climb up.

In Rise of the Tomb Raider and even more so in Shadow of the Tomb Raider the Climbing Axe can be used like a grapple under certain conditions: since Rise of the Tomb Raider it can be attached to certain grapple points during a jump. In Shadow of the Tomb Raider Lara can additionally attach it to Climbable Walls during a jump, even while in mid-air. This makes jumping even more important in these games.

Lara Croft Games

Jumping in both Lara Croft Games is mostly used to cross abysses or to attach to ladders. Also, Lara again carries a grapple that can be attached to certain grapple points, which enables her to wall-run or swing.

Mobile Games

Lara Croft: Relic Run

In Lara Croft: Relic Run Lara can jump by Swiping up. She can change lanes while in the air by swiping left or right. Sometimes when jumping over obstacles she might perform a Parkour Move if she jumps at the exactly right moment.

In this game Lara also carries a grapple, which is automatically used during a jump in the wall run in the Jungle Temple level.

Special Jumps