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Running is the most important of all moves. Most other moves are based on it.

Classic Game

In the Classic Tomb Raider Games Lara will run if the player presses the "up" cursor key on PC, or the upper of the Directional Pad buttons on Consoles.

The following combinations with other keys/buttons are possible:

There are many other cases when you'll have to use up for what it is - a directional button - like climbing ladders etc.

Crystal Dynamics Games

The newer games use the "W" key on PC for moving forward or running, since the right hand is usually occupied with aiming the camera with the mouse. Instead of left/right, the "A" and "D" buttons are used for changing direction.

On consoles the left analogue stick is used for moving around. Push it forward, left and right to move Lara around. The right analogue stick controls the camera.