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A click as shown from the editor

Clicks are the increments of height in which a block can go and the increments of placement of an object higher or lower. Sometimes, clicks appear flat or wafer-thin.

Clicks can only be found on the Y axis. The X axis only accepts squares, that's why walls are either wafer-thin or a Square in width.

Click Heights

  • 0 (flat surface)
Bridges throughout the first five games were less than a click but acted as if they were flat.
  • 1 (step)
One click is usually a step. Lara can run up onto it or reach it with a jump straight up if she stood close and the direction is pressed while in air.
  • 2 (half-square)
2 clicks are the usual height of Crawlspaces, less and Lara won't fit through, more and she will be able to stand in them.
Movable Blocks as seen in Tomb Raiders I to III are 4-clicks high.
  • 7 (reachable height)
When jumping straight up, Lara can reach up to a height of 7 clicks.

Click Differences

  • Lara will be able to stand on slopes with a difference of two clicks.
  • Lara will start sliding on a slope if the difference in height is three clicks or more.