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Swan Dive (Legend)

The Swan Dive or High Dive Roll is a move that was available in all the Classic Games since the very first Tomb Raider.

Classic Tomb Raider

In the Classic Games, the player had to press walk, jump and up to do a Swan Dive. Lara can perform a Swan Dive into water or while standing on even surfaces. Trying to do a Swan Dive elsewhere will most likely result in breaking her neck!

If you want to make a Swan Dive into a pool, make sure, there is enough space below. It is a much quicker and elegant way to get into the water.

On even terrain it can be used to get past Dart Traps, but most of the time it is quicker and easier to just run past them.

Starting with Tomb Raider II Lara can perform one or more somersaults during longer swan dives. Pressing Roll will make her perform the move.

Reboot Games

Swimming and Diving was almost completely absent in the first 2013 Reboot Game; the first time Lara was able to swim was at the beach of Shipwreck Beach.

In the first sequel Rise of the Tomb Raider there are several places Lara can perform a Swan Dive. In the Geothermal Valley there are even four special platforms from where Lara can swan dive in order to complete the High Diving Challenge.

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider the High Diving Challenge is again present. Lara has to jump off four different platforms in Paititi to complete it.